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Luxury Nursery: a place to nurture your newborn

The nursery is such an important room, it is the place where your child will begin their life and spend their formative years. Choosing a luxury baby girl nursery is one of the most difficult tasks for parents as many don’t have any experience with it and are not sure what they may need. Dragons of Walton Street have over 40 years of experience with nurseries and will advise you of the perfect furniture according to:

  • the size and shape of the room;
  • ceiling height and the amount of usable area;
  • the degree of illumination and the location of the windows.

Considering all these indicators, you will be advised on the style, material and optimal completeness to match the interior for any luxury baby boy nursery.

Modern Furniture for Babies

The aesthetic component plays an important role in the nursery. Still, there should be other indicators when choosing furniture for this room:

  • Safety. There should not be a single sharp object, no dangerous decorative elements, or easily breakable accessories in the children's room.
  • Ecology. Material, from which the furniture is made, should not emit any harmful fumes, toxins or carcinogens.
  • Durability and reliability. It is almost impossible to find a quiet and calm child. A normal kid is very active and always playing, which requires hard-wearing furniture. The furniture’s manufacturing and assembly need to be high quality and withstand a lot of wear and tear.

After considering these important factors, you can start to take into account aesthetics. Your nursery should be a calming environment for both parents and children, using pastel colours and soft lighting. Dragons of Walton Street specially designs their hand-painted artwork around these factors to ensure the best environment for your child. They have a large catalogue of characte and colours, all of which will create a wonderful atmosphere for your baby, you can either choose from nursery sets for ease or individual products for a more specialised choice.

Frequently asked questions about nursery furniture

What furniture do you need in a nursery?

The standard nursery should have beds, rocking chairs, dressers, changing tables, shelves, lamps and many more things. In general, everything that goes there is for facilitating taking care of a newborn or a small child and ensuring their safety and comfort. Cribs also might be an essential item to have in a nursery room.

How to arrange all the nursery furniture in a baby's bedroom?

In general, the baby cot should be put against any wall that is not an external wall, and this is because they tend to be the coldest and noisiest ones. We suggest placing the rocking chair in a corner if next to the window whence the changing table the best placed near the entrance.

What to look for when getting nursery furniture?

Safety is the top concern that every parent should consider when getting nursery furniture. Assuming that the safety aspects have been satisfied, parents should also make sure that the furniture is of the proper size and is for their age. This will also ensure that they can sleep comfortably and can enjoy great moments.

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