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The most beautiful and comfortable luxury kids beds

Kids are in a critical stage of their lives. To ensure a proper developmental stage for them, it's essential to supply them with adequate sleep space. Whether a bed can be considered adequate or not has to do with certain criteria, as described below:

  • it must have the proper size according to the age of the kid;
  • it must be comfortable to ensure a good resting and sleeping time;
  • it also should feature bedding sets of adequate fabrics, which also contributes to a good sleeping and resting time;
  • and of course, it should have a unique and beautiful design!

We can offer beds that satisfy all these criteria. Dragons of Walton Street has been offering amazing beds for kids of exceptionally high quality for many decades. We have nursing furniture of this kind available for kids of all ages, from newborn babies to kids with a few years of age. Every product built by our creative and talented staff is designed to ensure a safe and comfortable space for your child. This is something that parents have been appreciating for more than a century.

The bed must be the bedroom’s spotlight

Every bedroom will have a large part of its physical space taken up by the bed. However, this is not a problem, quite the contrary. This must be seen as the opportunity for the bed to shine. Of course, the bed must satisfy its own purpose, which is to provide proper space to sleep and rest. However, it is even better when it is possible to make it stand out.

This is mainly achieved by the incredible designs made by the artists who collaborate with Dragons of Walton Street. The bedroom not only needs to be the space to sleep, rest, and play, it must also be a place of dreams. Here the baby must feel comfortable alongside their parents. They will have a lot of imagination at that age, and having a bed with a beautiful design will stimulate said imagination. That's why we also offer children themed beds. It will also show them how much their parents love them and appreciate them. This is something that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Our wooden beds are designed to be the bedroom's spotlight. Considering that they are physically large, they must look enchanting if we want an entire bedroom to look great. After all, no matter that a bedroom has been furnished beautifully. If the bed looks bad, all the room will do as well. Here at Dragons of Walton Street, we want every hand-painted bed that we create to have its own personality. We want them to tell a story, a story of love and care, reflecting what the parents feel for the baby and what the baby feels for them.

How to choose a safe child’s bed

Besides featuring attractive and practical furnishing solutions, we take safety very seriously at Dragons of Walton Street. We want to ensure parents the safety and comfort of their baby every time that they place them in one of the beds they bought from us. For this reason, it's crucial to choose the right bed for the children who will use it. However, it is also important to remember that kids are growing. Therefore, every bed that they get will be usable for a relatively short time. However, people shouldn't be discouraged from getting a bed for this reason.

Instead, every piece of furniture made in our place is designed to last for decades. Many people who purchased a bed from us decades ago have seen their grandchildren and great-grandchildren using them as well. This is proof of the unrivalled quality that only Dragons of Walton Street can provide. For this and many other reasons, every parent who hasn't yet had the chance to try bedding furniture made by Dragons of Walton Street should really do so, and they will not be disappointed.

Bed clothing is also essential. We work not only with wood of the highest possible quality. We also build the beds that we offer with the best fabrics. They are soft and gentle. Thanks to those attributes, they also contribute to the quality sleeping and resting time that every baby who uses our beds will enjoy.

We have a broad range of beds that parents can choose from. We even offer kids beds with storage space, making them even better as part of the bedroom from a practical point of view. Suppose they are unsure about any aspect of one of our products. In that case, our collaborators will be more than happy and willing to assist. They will ensure that the customer gets exactly what they want. The decision will be made according to the child's age and size, as well as other preferences that the parent might have.

Furthermore, we offer lots of beautiful and inspiring designs. They will allow the bed to ensure a good resting time and make the whole room look beautiful and enchanting.

Making the bed a special place for dreams

While this statement might sound quite obvious, there is more to it than meets the eye. Sure, the bed is the space where the kid will sleep and rest. However, even when the bed is not being used for its primary purpose, it will still be an important part of the whole bedroom. This means that it is essential to make it look gorgeous and part of a furnishing set alongside the rest of the room's furniture.

This can be achieved through the gorgeous designs that our talented artists create all the time. They know that the bed is still there even when not being used. During those moments, it becomes part of the overall furnishing of the room. By choosing one of our amazing designs, our children wooden beds can turn the entire bedroom into a place of dreams.

During their childhood, kids will dream a lot and also actively use their imagination. For this reason, it is essential to make their space inspiring. It must be a place where they will live unforgettable moments alongside their parents. Also, it will be the place where they will grow up, develop and learn new things. Having a beautiful bed will serve that purpose, both literally and figuratively.

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