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Dragon’s of Walton Street inspires life’s most meaningful journey – childhood

Craftsmanship & Heritage

In 1979, a young lady named Rosie Fisher had the vision to create a brand that pairs quintessentially British designs with high-quality standards and local craftsmanship. The artisans meticulously crafting Rosie's creations are lovingly referred to as "Dragons," which inspired the brand's eponymous name. Her unique, hand-painted furniture quickly captured the attention of a global elite, including Princess Diana, who commissioned pieces for the Royal Nursery in 1982. Today, the brand remains a symbol of elegance and creativity, seamlessly blending heritage, luxury, and innovation, continuously inspiring imagination and dreams.

From London with Love

The UK is deeply woven into the brand's identity, with London's Walton Street marking the very spot where Dragons first made their mark. Drawing endless inspiration from timeless artistry, our designs fuse quintessential British elements with the belief that the ultimate gateway to luxury is the power to dream, aiming to stimulate the imaginations of both parents and children. Recognizing that the Earth is a precious inheritance, we take pride in crafting pieces with timelessness at their core, designed to be passed from one generation to the next. This dedication to creating lasting heirlooms is a cornerstone of our sustainability efforts.


In the spirit of innovation that has long defined our ethos, Dragons has artfully infused each of its global outposts with the creative energy that first sparked on Walton Street. With every new launch, from our pioneering beds designed as helicopters and vintage cars to our ornate wallpapers, we craft not just furniture but dreams—elevating the concept of children's interiors to an art form. Our growth has been a journey of expansion, touching prestigious locations from New York to Monaco, culminating in the luxury halls of Harrods, and most recently, the cultural tapestry of Dubai in 2023. In each space, Dragons transcends mere aesthetics, offering an emotive experience—a sanctuary of imagination to which families aspire to return.