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Get a custom rocking horse for children from our store

Rocking horses are a simple yet essential piece of furniture that shouldn’t be absent from any kid’s playroom. It is a crucial toy that will allow any child to relax, and of course, spend some marvellous and unforgettable moments with their parents.

Many stores and shops sell rocking horses in different forms, sizes and colours. However, whenever someone wants to find a rocking horse of the best possible quality, people should think about only one place: Dragons of Walton Street. Our store has more than a century of tradition and experience. It has been designing, creating and constructing furniture for thousands of happy customers, which belong to different generations.

This tradition is something that is reflected in each of our pieces of furniture. Whether it is a rocking horse, a doll’s house or a carousel, it will be immediately perceived whether it comes from Dragons of Walton Street or from anywhere else. The tradition is something that only a single place can transmit.

Our toy tradition dates centuries into the past

Rocking horses are toys that date many centuries into the past. Hundreds of years ago, thousands of kids from all over the world were enjoying some rocking horse. Too few toys have been capable of surviving the test of time, and obviously, it can be already seen that rocking horses are one of them. Their simplicity and the overall great moments that they can provide are the main reasons why they have been passed through generation after generation during the years. Also, it is the reason why currently they are more alive than ever.

Dragons of Walton streets not only has rocking horses in its catalogue of products. It also has lots of other options that our customers can explore at any moment. However, for the entire period that our shop has existed, this toy has always known the highest levels of popularity and appreciation.

For this reason, every time that someone wants to give a bespoke rocking horse to their kid, don’t hesitate in exploring the countless options that we have in our store. It is assumed that any rocking horse, or any other piece of furniture that a client gets from our store, will be highly appreciated and liked by their kid.

Our most favourite designs of all time

Dragons of Walton Street is a store that has been offering rocking horses and other kinds of furniture for more than 100 years. Therefore we were able to establish some designs that have been appreciated the most by customers. Surprisingly, many designs have been among the people’s favourite since the beginning of the store. People are more than welcome to check those designs at any moment. It is ensured that whichever method they want to get for their child, whether it is a traditional or a modern one, will be well-loved and cared for by their kid.

Despite tradition being one of Dragons of Walton Street’s core values, we have a talented team of artists and craftspeople who come up with new designs all the time. For this reason, every time that someone visits one of our locations, they will be greeted with a mix of tradition and new tendencies, capable of satisfying a wide range of tastes and needs. Whether someone wants something that resembles a vintage style rocking horse used centuries in the past, or something inspired in modern ideas, everything will be encountered in our store.

However, if a customer has a great idea in their mind, they can always talk to one of our talented artists to bring that custom idea to fruition. As it has always been said, one of the most critical aspects of our store is to offer clients what they want, and many times they will come with great bespoke ideas of their own. Those will later be reflected in a rocking horse, or any other piece of furniture of their preference.

In our rocking horses, safety is always above all

An additional aspect should be taken into account when choosing a rocking horse with a seat than when choosing any other piece of furniture. Of course, we are referring to safety. Before going deeper into this aspect, there are some key criteria taken into account by our craftspeople every time they design and build a rocking horse or any other piece of furniture:

  • quality;
  • longevity;
  • appeal;
  • and in the case of rocking horses, safety as well!

This is because, unlike other pieces of furniture, rocking horses move and have to stand the child's weight. For this reason, at Dragons of Walton Street, we only use wooden materials of the highest quality, which will withstand for many decades all the movement and weights that kids will put over them. When purchasing a toy of this kind, never go for the cheapest option. There is a high chance that in low-cost stores, dubious quality materials are employed, which can be hazardous for the baby.

Instead, always choose a rocking horse from Dragons of Walton Street. It will ensure all the qualities mentioned above, and above all, it will allow the parents to rest assured that their rider kid is enjoying some harmless and safe fun.

Dragons of Walton Street offer exclusive rocking horses

When choosing a rocking horse, we not only want something safe and practical, we also want something that looks beautiful and can be passed from generation to generation. The products designed by Dragons of Walton Street feature some exclusive and unique hand-painted designs. Some come from decades or even centuries of tradition, while others come from new and fresh ideas from younger artists who contribute with their talent.

Our exclusive designs applied to our luxury rocking horses have been enjoyed and appreciated for generations of kids and parents. They all know what kind of quality they got when talent, skill, and dedication blend in a unique mixture applied to each of our products.

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