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Vintage Monaco Grand Prix Race Cars Nursery Artwork

Cool kids rooms themes that boys will love

Small children dream a lot about what they want to do once they grow up. In the case of boys, they can often picture themselves as driving fast sports cars on racing tracks. Depicting these situations is something that requires a lot of imagination. For this reason, at Dragons of Walton Street, we want to encourage kids to dream. In the case of small boys, we offer lots of baby boy vintage race car theme nursery items. This kind of design can also be applied to entire rooms. Regardless of where this theme is used, it is going to look amazing everywhere it is.

Designing vintage cars themed nursery

Racing cars are a prevalent theme requested in our broad line of products and solutions. There are many ways in which a cars nursery decor can be employed. This means that whole bedrooms and playrooms can be designed around this style. They can be applied to tons of different aspects, such as:

  • toy boxes;
  • wallpapers;
  • shelves and chests;
  • and even our beautiful hand paintings!

The toy boxes are an example of how good a particular theme can fit a specific furniture item. For example, having a toy box with a racing cars theme will make it look perfect, especially when storing toy racing cars inside them. They are an exceptionally sought after toy by small boys. Usually, they will also last for a long time, meaning that they will continue playing with them for many years to come.

Putting Dragons' Vintage Monaco hand paintings on the walls of a playroom or bedroom

Kids imagine themselves competing for a Grand Prix when playing with race cars, driving fast along curvy tracks. These imaginary situations are ideally supplemented by having a hand-painted design centred on this theme in a nursery room. Considering that racing cars are a broad topic in general, with thousands of different cars, it is essential for us as a store to create a custom solution. The said solution will consider everything that the customer needs, whether it is about children's car, bedroom accessories or whole rooms.

This is especially important since another client might not like the kind of cars that a customer desires. Therefore, it is essential to offer bespoke accessories, furniture sets, and other products, especially when dealing with this topic. At Dragon of Walton Street, we know how important it is to listen to our clients. That's why they will be offered lots of personalised options from the first moment that they get in contact with us.