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Learn more about our newborn baby Moses baskets, bassinets & basket stands

Kids' safety, along with comfort, is paramount for every parent. At Dragons of Walton Street, we work with a wide range of furniture products that meet the above criteria. Specifically:

  • bassinets;
  • moses baskets and different kinds of rocking baskets;
  • and basket stands as well!

As parents, we all want our kids to enjoy a proper rest at every time of the day. For this purpose, we provide furniture that allows children to rest and sleep properly. Hand made by a talented and skilful team of carpenters and artists, every product is manufactured with the utmost care.

Our nursery furniture comes with high-quality wood and soft, delicate fabrics to ensure comfort to your baby's rest. All children deserve a pleasant sleeping time and to rest properly. At Dragons of Walton Street, we guarantee you'll get just what your child needs. Our beautiful Moses baskets with stands and bassinets, as well as every product in our collection, are designed to last a lifetime.

How to arrange the first bed for your baby

From the moment they make their first step into the world, children need a place to rest and sleep. It is one of their most essential needs, and it's crucial to provide them with a bassinet that ensures a comfortable and safe sleep. Bassinets are one of our main products at Dragons of Walton Street.

Besides guaranteeing newborns a serene space, we aim to empower the bond with their parents. We believe that the first months of a baby's life are vital for developing that unique connection with their parents and always do our best to assist them in the task.

Parents might also want to consider getting additional bedding furniture besides the bassinet. In this regard, we offer a wide range of hand-made baskets and basket stands that will adequately hold the bassinet in place. This meaning that the parent won't have to worry about their child's comfort and safety.

Relying on our extensive experience in creating thousands of bassinets and baskets, we assure you won't just buy a product. You'll buy the guarantee that your child will rest appropriately. Additionally, we have lots of rocking Moses basket stand options that are instrumental in helping parents get their child to sleep with just a gentle motion.

Whether you wish to get a bassinet, a Moses basket, a stand or all three, our products are available both separately and as a set. This is another feature that sets our store apart from other furniture shops out there.

Our bassinets and baskets offer safe sleeping and resting for your baby

Newborns spend most of their day sleeping, but at the same time, they also go through a process of growth that makes them sensibly vulnerable at this stage of their life. For this reason, they require a suitable bassinet and a cradle that's made with fabrics of the highest quality.

Our products are designed to favour their tranquillity and relieve parents from any additional worry. Our stands are also a great way to keep the baby safe. We use premium wood to build every item in our nursery collection and only employ durable and reliable materials. We can proudly state that all of the stands and bassinets that we have created so far have always exceeded our clients' expectations.

We have designed out of a dream world for our bassinets and baskets

As said above, baskets, bassinets and stands are meant to keep babies comfortable and safe. However, even the eye wants its part! Our artists always create products out of new and creative designs that parents tremendously appreciate.

Since this specific kind of furniture is supposed to favour children's sleep, we propose designs related to the dreamland. But, we also allow adding custom designs. Every person who buys this kind of product wishes to leave their own mark on it. At Dragons of Walton Street, we acknowledge how important this is for parents, and we always go the extra mile to create their dream design.

By purchasing one of our bassinets, basket beds or stands, parents are guaranteed unrivalled comfort and safety for their child. And rest assured they'll get a well deserved resting and sleeping time.

Frequently asked questions about moses baskets

What are Moses baskets used for?

Moses baskets are used for giving a safe, warm and comfortable space for a baby to sleep. Their primary purpose is to allow parents to easily transport the baby inside the bed without waking them up. This is important because parents might want to make sure that the baby is sleeping next to them at all times.

Where do Moses baskets should be put?

In general, parents will want to put Moses baskets near them. These places should be warm and safe. It is highly recommended for parents to only use Moses baskets when they can watch their baby at all times. For this reason, they are handy for moving around everywhere parents go.

What are the most popular Moses basket designs?

Among the models sold by Dragons of Walton Street, some of the most popular are the moses baskets with classic skirts. On the other hand, Willow Cribs have also been very popular in their own right. Finally, our customers also frequently purchased designs that add a protective hood and a pleated skirt.

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