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Preliminary Statement

On this page, Dragons of Walton Street Ltd ("Dragons of Walton Street") aims to outline the management and general terms of use of its website, www.dragonsofwaltonstreet.com ("Website"). Anyone navigating this site is expected to adhere to these terms.

By accessing the Website and navigating its pages, users unconditionally agree to these terms. Users accessing the Website implicitly consent to not use the Website or its materials for illegal purposes or in ways that violate current and applicable laws.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

All contents of the Website are protected under current copyright and intellectual property rights.

Without prior written consent from Dragons of Walton Street, the Website's material cannot be extracted, reused, reproduced, distributed, published, or transmitted in any form.

Actions that infringe on the rights of authors and holders of original works and decorative models on the Website are prohibited.

Additionally, the Website's contents include texts, photographs, videos, databases, charts, slogans, audio and video recordings, and any graphic or textual representations.

All trademarks, domain names, company names, business names, and marks on the Website are the sole property of Dragons of Walton Street and are protected by trademark laws. Reproducing these names and marks without Dragons of Walton Street's prior written consent is strictly forbidden.

The Website may contain trademarks, domain names, and marks owned by third parties in collaboration with Dragons of Walton Street, which are also protected under copyright and property rights laws.

The use of any Dragons of Walton Street trademarks as metatags without permission is expressly prohibited.

Website Contents

The Website serves as an informational portal about Dragons of Walton Street and its products and services, offering an overview of its business lines, products, and services.

The contents of the Website (including news, images, videos, trademarks, logos, domain names, software, layouts, documentation, manuals, and presentations) and their rights are reserved. These contents are available for personal information purposes only, with any other use requiring Dragons of Walton Street's written consent.

Dragons of Walton Street and its personnel do not guarantee the Website's functionality or the accuracy and completeness of its contents. Dragons of Walton Street reserves the right to modify this information without notice at any time.

Dragons of Walton Street or its personnel shall not be liable for any issues arising from the use, misuse, or unavailability of the Website and its contents.

The Website and its software may contain errors or harmful elements. Users assume full responsibility for any loss, damage, or costs resulting from using the Website.

Website Use

The Website's contents cannot be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transcribed, transmitted, or distributed in any form without Dragons of Walton Street's prior written consent. The contents cannot be used commercially to create databases or stored in existing databases for creator or third-party access.

Linking and Framing

Creating links to the Website's homepage or any internal page without Dragons of Walton Street's written consent is prohibited. Deep linking, inline linking, and framing links are expressly forbidden.

Failure to comply with these provisions may lead to legal action for unfair competition.


Dragons of Walton Street may modify these terms of use at any time without notice. Users should periodically review these terms before accessing the Website's contents.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by English law.

Any disputes related to the use of the Website, specifically these terms of use, will be resolved by the English Court System.