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Take care of your kid’s hair with our brushes

Taking care of our hair is not only a matter of visuals. It is also essential from a healthy and hygienic point of view. Dragons of Walton Street is well known for the high quality of the furniture that it produces. However, the store is equally famous for the quality of different accessories that it features. One of the said accessories is a kids hairbrush. Here we will discuss some of the options that the store can offer.

The hair of a child is fragile and gentle. Therefore, it must be taken care of in an equally gentle manner. Whether it has locks, it is curly or straight. Unfortunately, there are many examples of a lousy hairbrush for kids that make the hair look bad, but also it can compromise the health of the child.

How to choose the proper hairbrush or comb

Many aspects must be taken into account before choosing a children’s hairbrush. First of all, it’s the size. A baby that is only months old will need a completely different product from what a child a few years of age will need. Taking this aspect into account, at Dragons of Walton Street, people can encounter different kinds of brushes, such as:

  • baby hair brushes;
  • small hairbrushes;
  • large children's hair brushes;
  • and customers can also request bespoke designs with their styles and features!

When purchasing a wooden brush from our store, people can contact one of our sales representatives. They will help the client to choose what is the best product that they can get to take good care of their kid’s hair. Not only that, because our clients can also customize the product with hand-painted designs, styles or anything else that they can imagine. This is what makes our store unique and different from everything else that exists in the market.

Make the hairbrush a unique accessory

At Dragons of Walton Street, we have been creating gorgeous furniture, accessories and gifts for more than a century. Hairbrushes are no exception. They indeed have a practical purpose. However, boys and girls will want to display them in their rooms after finding out by themselves how gorgeous our brushes are.

Every accessory that we create in our store is unique in its way and has its personality. The same happens with the brushes that we offer. They are a personal item that will not only be used but also appreciated and loved by kids. Here we don’t sell accessories; we want to give beautiful moments and beautiful memories.

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