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Get a beautiful chest of drawers with a changing table

Baby nurseries are places where newborns will spend a big part of their early life and get a lot of care from their parents. One of this room’s must-haves is the changing unit with storage. This item is necessary for taking good care of the baby when changing diapers and clothes.

You can also have it customised! Our highly talented artists and designers have created thousands of different products across many decades, which have been highly appreciated by parents of newborns and small children, and are more than eager to provide you with a personalised design.

What are the types of changing tables offered by our store

Speaking about horizontal baby changing unit with drawers, there are different models to choose from, which include:

  • Nightingale changer unit and chest of drawers;
  • classic large baby changer and chest of drawers;
  • extra large baby changer topper and chest of drawers;
  • and lots of other designs that can be customized according to what the client needs!

Our artists and designers will be delighted to work with any special request that any client may have to create a bespoke solution. That’s what sets us apart from any other brand of this kind.

Some advantages of using dressers as changing table

Using a high-quality dresser can result in a huge advantage that will benefit the parent and the child. The most important aspect about using a nappy changing table is that it will offer a safe and comfortable space to change diapers.

There are many designs to choose from when browsing the catalogue of services of Dragons of Walton Street. All of them guarantee the safety of your baby when changing a nappy.

Customers can get themed changer sets too

There are lots of themes to choose from that can make every baby room special. For clients who want to do something even more personalised, our other options come into play, and can be applied to all kinds of furniture.

We already have a broad selection of themes to apply to our diaper changing dresser products or anything else in our catalogue. However, what our customers will like even more, is that on all those products it’s possible to apply a more personal and custom touch. This can be done by adding names, initials, birth dates, or anything else that parents think is relevant for their furniture set.

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