Dragons of Walton Street

In 1979, a young woman named Rosie Fisher had the vision to create a brand for children's furniture and accessories. Her mission was to pair quintessentially British designs with high-quality standards and local craftsmanship.

Her design ethos is fueled by the idea that the ultimate gateway to luxury is dreaming, creating designs that stimulate the imagination of parents and children alike. The artisans meticulously crafting Rosie's creations are affectionately referred to as "Dragons," inspiring the brand's eponymous name.

It was her hand-painted furniture that soon caught the attention of an international elite, with Princess Diana commissioning Dragon's work for the Royal Nursery in 1982. The brand has since continued to be synonymous with both elegance and creativity, embodying these qualities in its products by blending heritage, luxury, craftsmanship, and innovation, continuously stimulating fantasy and dreams.

Since its inception, Dragons of Walton Street has been driven by its vision to inspire life’s most meaningful journey—childhood.