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Getting the best and most comfortable bespoke children’s bed

Many things never change and never differ. The love that parents feel for their kids and the tradition that Dragons of Walton Street has been applying its products since the store was created. Our store specializes in all kinds of nursery furniture. What we attempt to achieve with every single of our products is not only something that can satisfy a practical purpose. The goal is also to give kids something that makes them dream, in a symbolic and literal sense.

For this reason, our store also has been offering, since its creation, unlimited options of bespoke children's beds. As previously said, some things never differ. However, many do, such as the preferences of different parents and the needs that every child and baby has. Dragons of Walton Street's expertise can satisfy all the diverse needs of different people. More than a century of experience and tradition have contributed to all of that. And thousands of happy parents are the best proof of the quality that we offer.

We want to create a new world in the kid’s bedroom

At Dragons of Walton Street, we believe that every piece of furniture must fulfil much more than its simple, practical purpose. All children deserve the chance to dream, go into their imagination, and be in a magical world. We want to give them something that facilitates all of that. Our custom made childrens beds are created with beautiful designs, which are imagined and later constructed by a dedicated team of talented craftspeople, carpenters and artists that we work with. We can offer themed designs to give every parent what they want. Each theme that we create will construct a world of its own and invite all children to go.

But we want to go even beyond that. Our bespoke beds must satisfy a specific purpose, which depends on the kid who uses them. For this reason, we offer clients the chance to personalise every single aspect of their bed. Whether it is the overall design or how they want the bedclothes to look, the choice is totally on their side. If parents imagine something, and if their kids dream about something, our artists will bring that into life.

Every time a kid or a baby goes to sleep in one of our bespoke beds, they go into a beautiful and magical world. In this world, they let their imagination go wild. It is awe-inspiring to see the difference that a custom made bed can create over a standard bed in this regard. Already thousands of parents have trusted Dragons of Walton Street the task of not just creating a bed. Instead, what they actually trust us with is the task to create a new world in the kid’s bedroom.

There is something else that every bed should achieve. Sure, it is used to sleep, but it will still be an important part of the bedroom even when not being used for that purpose. For that reason, we create every bed to serve its practical goal and allow the child to dream. Every bed that is created by our artists is a unique and gorgeous piece of furniture in itself. This means that it gives a beautiful and exciting personality to the overall bedroom. It is incredible to see how the entire room can come to life when having a uniquely designed personalised bed. It is equally unbelievable to see how enjoyable the time to sleep becomes for the kid.

We offer creative themes for children’s bedroom

Dragons of Walton Street creates lots of different furnishing solutions. We not only want the bed to become a place of dreams and rest. We want the entire bedroom to fulfil that purpose. Considering that all parents and children are unique, we apply creative themes to a wide selection of products, such as:

  • toy boxes;
  • rocking horses;
  • and of course, the beds!

All children deserve to have the chance to dream. However, all of them can dream about different things. Therefore, each one has different needs, and their parents will do their absolute best to satisfy them. For this reason, a fundamental part of the bespoke kids beds that we offer corresponds to the creative themes that we want to apply for them. In general, we want every piece of furniture that comes out of our stores to tell a story. We also want them to have their own personality. All of this is achieved thanks to the creative themes that our talented artists have created.

But there is even more! Because we know that every parent wants to have the chance to leave their mark on the bed and every other piece of furniture, we also let parents apply their own designs if they already have a great idea. At Dragons of Walton Street, we create furniture with the highest possible level of quality. For this reason, we want to let parents leave their trace on something that indeed will be passed between generations.

Enjoy Dragons’ unique bed designs

Beds can indeed be encountered in practically any store. However, it is really boring to have something with a flat design. Those kinds of beds don’t have a personality at all. They can even harm the child because they don’t stimulate their imagination. Sure, they go to sleep and can rest properly as well. However, those bland designs don’t have anything special. They don’t give life to the bedroom where they are located.

This is why it is a great idea to take full advantage of the unique bespoke bed designs that we offer at Dragons of Walton Street. We combine decades of tradition with new and brilliant ideas that will make the experience to go to sleep even more enjoyable. That’s why thousands of parents have already enjoyed and obtained hundreds of different bed designs from our stores. But, as previously said, we believe that beds need to fulfil a practical purpose and need to be inviting. In other words, they need to encourage the kid to go into a beautiful and magical world of their own.

Frequently asked questions about bespoke beds

How to order a bespoke bed?

Ordering a bespoke bed at Dragons of Walton Street is easy. In general, people should get in contact with one of our sales representatives. They will be more than happy and willing to show all the base models, but they will also be able to show parents the aspects that they can personalize the bed. By doing this, buyers will get exactly what they want.

What aspects of a kids bed can be personalized?

First, parents might want to choose whether they want a single or double size bed. On the other hand, its general size might also be adjusted according to some special needs. Finally, the colour, available design, and even the addition of custom names, lights and other aspects can also be customized when getting beds from our store.

What are the most popular bed designs?

Among the designs offered by Dragons of Walton Street, there are a few that are very popular. For example, there are princess beds for girls. On the other hand, parents love to purchase car-inspired beds for their small boys. The helicopter beds recently introduced by the store have also resulted in being very popular as well.

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