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How to make a kids room bloom with beautiful flower designs

Flowers can be considered universal symbols of beauty and tenderness. Any interior looks more welcoming when featuring flowers in its design and on its furniture. Dragons of Walton Street is a brand with many decades of experience designing interiors and creating furniture for kids of all ages, with many designs and paintings featuring flowers. Those patterns are the ones that our clients like the most.

The reason for that lies within our artists' creative flair and inspiring designs and the variety of floral themes they regularly come up with. Applying flower designs to furniture gives the room a bright and multicoloured look. Through flowers, rooms literally start blooming and turn into a delightful environment for parents and children to bond.

When clients visit our stores, they discover new designs that will give any room incredible beauty. Whether it's cherry blossom nursery ideas or artworks featuring other types of flowers and plants, you're guaranteed a stunning result. Floral designs are commonly ideal when thinking about:

  • rooms for a baby;
  • and mainly, rooms for girls!

Babies and flowers are a perfect combination. Rooms decorated with floral nursery ideas make them feel calmer and more relaxed. It’s easy to revive kids’ or girls’ rooms by giving them some floral and blossom themes. Our designs guarantee that rooms and furniture will get a whole new look.

Putting natural designs into children's rooms

Nature is one of the primary sources of inspiration for artists from all over the world. Some of the most beautiful works of art feature nature themes or style. The people who work at Dragons of Walton Street are no exception. Whenever they seek new ideas to apply to furniture and room layouts, they frequently look into the wonders that only mother nature can offer. Since flowers are among its finest creations, they often apply them to floral nursery decor, furniture and virtually anywhere else.

Usually, children feel calmer and rest better when nature themes surround them. One of the most relaxing experiences that babies and any person can have is to be in an outdoor environment, surrounded by flowers or anything mother nature provides humanity with.

If parents are undecided on the theme they want, they can look at the flower and natural designs we have to offer.

All children love to be surrounded by nature, trees, flowers, grass. But they can’t spend all of their time outdoors, so we’ll bring nature into their own space through our fantastic, beautiful and unique artwork designs. The artists at Dragons of Walton Street are among the best in their realm.

Floral themes for nursery sets

Nursery furniture sets are specially designed for those moments when parents need to take active care of their children. Often, babies may cry, and they need something that can relax them and help them fall asleep. As said before, nature is one of the environments that children enjoy the most. Having floral themes on any kind of furniture, set, or flower wall art for nurseries can be an excellent idea for helping babies relax and enjoy a good rest.

Of course, resting is not the only moment when floral themes can be of great help. Hand-painted flower designs will help create a gentle and tender atmosphere where babies and parents can interact. Nature-inspired rooms set a more relaxed mood than the ones with a flat design. For this reason, it’s a great idea to get floral themes not only for nursing sets but for any furnishing you want to place inside a kid’s room.

Flowers can create a perfect girl’s room

Girls love flowers. In general, women and girls of all ages love to feature flowers on their clothing and personal objects at all times. For this reason, when thinking about creating the perfect room for a girl, probably flowers are among the best ideas to employ.

Flowers are something that people never get tired of. Whether it’s into wall art, furniture, beds, or anything else, people will always enjoy being surrounded by flowers.

Summarising, Dragons of Walton Street is a store that has been offering incredible furniture with beautiful designs for more than a century. Since Dragons was born, flower designs have been a cornerstone of the store’s catalogue of products. This means that Dragons’ experience is a quality that can be encountered in anything related to flowers when looking at what we have to offer to our customers.

Whether people think of creating the perfect room for a girl or coming up with a design for a peaceful space for a baby, flowers can create the ideal atmosphere and mood. This is exactly what parents and children need to create a bond that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

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