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Linen Blossom Baby Nursery

Getting the most beautiful designs and floral inspiration for kids room

Flowers are present practically everywhere in nature. In fact, they are among the most beautiful creations that nature has given us. That’s the main reason we have tons of options to decorate floral girl nursery rooms, and they continue to be among the most popular styles and designs that we offer. Let’s explore how we can make any room bloom thanks to what we can offer in our store.

Making the room bloom

Children’s rooms are an important part of our household where kids spend a great amount of time. Unfortunately, many times bedrooms can look dull and lifeless. Which is something that can be fixed by choosing the right decoration that will make it blossom. At Dragons of Walton Street, we specialise in giving life to different kinds of rooms with butterfly and flower nursery decor, including:

  • kids bedrooms;
  • playrooms;
  • and even parents’ rooms!

All of them can enjoy some beautiful and delicate floral designs. Everybody will agree that choosing a flower theme will improve the overall atmosphere. This is something that both parents, kids, and even newborns will notice.

The incredible Dragons’ floral hand paintings

Flowers are those kinds of designs that look good basically everywhere. That’s why at Dragons of Walton Street not only do we offer this kind of theme in our furniture and products, we also allow our clients to apply floral hand paintings for their whole room as well. Our talented and skilled artists have a wealth of experience in developing incredibly styled designs and themes for flower wall decor for baby nursery. We know how important it is for our customers to add something of their own into our creations.

That’s why at our store, people will be able to personalize any artwork to get bespoke solutions. Furthermore, it’s even possible to work alongside our artists to create something from scratch for nurseries and rooms. That’s the main reason why Dragons of Walton Street has the highest customer satisfaction rate among stores of its kind.

But, it would be unfair to say that flowers are the only artwork Dragons excels at. Instead, even those who don’t like floral themed nursery at all, surely will find in our stores everything they need for their room to look incredible. We are committed to satisfying the needs of all our clients with our furniture sets and the rest of our products.

Explore the gallery with detailed paintings and the products with this artwork below. Don’t forget that you can order bespoke furniture and accessories with this artwork - just book a consultation with our managers.