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Our store features hand-painted children's wooden tables, chairs and sets

The childhood of every kid is an essential part of their development. During this stage of their lives, they will play, dream, and spend unforgettable moments with their parents. Many activities will require them to use a chair and a table at some moment, such as:

  • drawing;
  • learning to read and write;
  • and of course, school homework!

It is essential to offer them a table and chair set for kids that can look beautiful. It is equally important to provide them with something that will be safe, comfortable, and adequate for their age. In Dragons of Walton Street, we have decades of experience creating all kinds of furniture. This experience comes from hundreds of years of tradition. Established in England, this store has sold thousands of complete sets, chairs and tables to parents from all over the world.

Every person who has obtained a product from our store has been incredibly satisfied with what they obtained. It is fair to state that our products have surpassed even their wildest expectations. This is not only due to the beautiful designs that we add to all our products, which talented artists and craftspeople have created. Practical aspects also contribute to this overall satisfaction. After all, nothing can be more frustrating than getting a chair and an uncomfortable table or the wrong size.

Our sets can be a significant part of the play zone in a kids room

Kids love to play with toys. It is even better when parents have the chance to provide them with an adequate space where they can live their dreams and play with their beloved toys. It is equally important to add proper chairs and tables to this space. All the furniture produced by Dragons of Walton Street, especially the one where kids will be seated over, are delivered not only with the highest design, beauty and practical standards. They also pass safety tests to make sure that kids who use them will never have any problem.

In other words, parents who get chairs, tables or full sets from our store can rest assured that their child will get nothing less than the absolute best product. Generations of kids have already enjoyed our furniture, including our tables and chairs. Our products' quality also means that they are designed to endure the test of time and to last for a lifetime. Therefore, when purchasing any piece of furniture from Dragons of Walton Street, customers are getting something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and even something that can be passed onto future generations. They will adorn and accompany many kids in their own playroom.

These tables can be used for a wide range of purposes. Each one of them can serve as a great kids play table. At the same time, children can use them for drawing, learning to read, or any other activity where children need to stay in a specific place.

How to choose the proper tables and chairs for kids

Kids can grow really fast. Something that fitted them perfectly just a few months ago can be too small for them nowadays. When parents get a table and chair for their kid, they must choose something that fits their kids properly. Something of the wrong size not only can be uncomfortable, but it can also even be dangerous in the worst of situations. At Dragons of Walton Street, we have a team of people highly specialized and experienced in assisting parents with their furniture needs. Every time they visit our stores accompanied by their children, they will get proper advice from one of our salespeople, in order to ensure that they immediately get the right chair and table. If they want a full set instead, they will be assisted in getting something with the proper layout.

Nobody wants to get a piece of furniture that a kid will abandon because it is too uncomfortable. In other words, there are many reasons to choose the proper chair and table set at the first opportunity. It is also essential to remember that kids are in a stage of physical development at this age, meaning that choosing something adequate will guarantee that this process will continue with no problems at all.

Our various nursery table and chairs can differ in size and design. However, every single one of them share something important in common. The artists have created them at Dragons of Walton Street to last for a lifetime. Quality is something that we will always respect in our store. Many chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces created by our talented craftspeople have already been passed among generations.

Our customers can also get personalized designs for a fun time

Many aspects make Dragons of Walton Street different from any other store specialized in furniture. One of them is that custom designs are a cornerstone of all the products we offer. We have talented artists that all the time come up with designs of their own. They are appreciated by thousands of our customers already.

However, it is also usual to see customers who want something of their own applied to a specific piece of furniture. After all, every parent wants their kids to get things that will reflect their love and affection towards them. For this reason, if someone has a beautiful idea in their mind, the best that they can do is to approach our stores. We will be more than happy to work with our own customers' ideas and apply them to any wooden furniture that they might want. This applies to all the furniture that we work with, including of course children and baby table and chairs.

Our designs are not only attractive. They will also encourage children to spend beautiful, fun, and unforgettable moments alongside their parents. Their age is a key moment of their lives. Here they will create strong bonds with their parents. For this reason, it is essential to surround them with beautiful, attractive and practical furniture that can help this purpose.

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