Fairies art - Hand painted artwork

Flower Fairies were created by the English illustrator Cicely Mary Barker. Unable to go to school as a child because of her epilepsy, she was home-schooled and spent much of her time drawing and painting. Her artwork was influenced by illustrator Kate Greenaway and even more so by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and she developed her talent as a member of the Croydon Art Society. Her flower fairy paintings, in particular, were driven by the Victorian popularity of fairies and fairy stories. They are notable in particular because of the sweet, realistic depiction of the children, modeled on children enrolled in her sister Dorothy’s kindergarten.


Dragons is one of the few companies around the world to hold copyright license to paint this artwork on furniture. This luxury Flower Fairies room remains a favorite among our clients. The stunning four-poster bed creates a fairytale room for your child. This room also includes two small bow-fronted chest of drawers, a Phoebe two drawer chest, two Ludwig lamp bases and concertina lampshades.