The Dragons RC79 - Single Racing Car Bed in Pink

The Dragons RC79 - Single Racing Car Bed in Pink

Transform a child's bedroom into a fantasy raceway with this luxury pink car bed, complete with dazzling details and working headlights.

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This bespoke racer car bed is transformed into a dream haven for any little girl's bedroom, exuding sophistication and fun suitable for a princess. The model boasts a striking appearance with a beautiful pink gloss finish, made even more enchanting with the addition of dazzling Swarovski-encrusted lightning bolts. Special features include operational 'flip' headlights that ignite with their unique key, bringing a sense of realism and excitement to playtime before bed. For a personal touch, there's the option of a customised number plate that adds a signature twist to this piece of luxury furniture. An upholstered back panel ensures comfort and adds to the bed's premium feel.

This racing car bed is not merely an eye-catching piece; it's designed to inspire delightful dreams and create whimsical bedtime stories for your child. It stands as a testament to our dedication to crafting unique, tailor-made sleeping experiences that charm and dazzle.

Transform your little one's room into a magical racetrack adventure:

  • Luxurious pink gloss finish enhances room aesthetics
  • Swarovski-encrusted details add a touch of glamour
  • Working 'flip' headlights bring interactive fun
  • Personalized number plate for individuality
  • Comfortable upholstered back panel
  • Options to customize style available for unique preferences

Our Story

Since its inception in 1979 on London’s Walton Street, Dragons has embodied British design and craftsmanship in children’s furniture. The brand quickly garnered acclaim from global elites, including Princess Diana, who commissioned pieces for the Royal Nursery. Today, Dragons continues to innovate with unique creations like bespoke beds shaped like helicopters and vintage cars, embracing the belief that the ultimate gateway to luxury is the power to dream. With expansions into prestigious locations from New York to Dubai, Dragons takes pride in crafting timeless pieces designed to be passed from one generation to the next. This dedication to creating lasting heirlooms is a cornerstone of our sustainability efforts.