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The most beautiful hand-painted children's gifts and toys to give your beloved one

Gifts are not only about the object itself that is being given to the other person. It has to do with a message that we want to transmit. This can be a message of appreciation, respect, and love. They can also serve a learning and fun purpose. At Dragons of Walton Street, we have been creating beautiful furniture, accessories and gifts for more than a century. People can encounter, for example, unique baby gifts. But that's not all, because we also have lots of options for newborns and kids of all ages.

The things that create a perfect childhood

Having the perfect childhood is all about feeling surrounded and taken care of by our loved ones. However, some beautiful presents can help to make the children feel like that. This is where the unique ideas and creations we have at Dragons of Walton Street come into play.

Every accessory and gift that is created in our store has been crafted and hand-painted by highly creative artists and designers. They can be great birthday presents, or serve as essential gifts for other occasions, like a holiday.

How to choose a special gift

When thinking about gifting wooden baby toys or a present for a kid, a few things are worth considering. First of all, the age of the recipient is essential. After all, a newborn will receive something very different from a kid that is already a few years old. Another aspect to take into account is gender. It is no mystery in most cases; boys and girls prefer different things. Here are some of the unique items that can be a perfect gift for babies and kids that they will love to play with:

  • dolls houses;
  • musical toys;
  • London buses;
  • hair brushes;
  • toy cars;
  • and many other options that can be fully customized!

Additionally, personal preference is a crucial factor in deciding what the perfect gift is. For this reason, here it is also possible to find unusual gifts for kids too. Finally, the purpose is also essential to consider. All our toys are helpful in their own way and can be fun while being educational at the same time.

In general, at Dragons of Walton Street, we are committed to giving our customers exactly what they want. That's the main reason why we offer bespoke products too. Every single item, accessory or gift available in our store, including our unique toys for kids, can be fully personalized. This means that clients who choose us can encounter endless options. That's why we are the most respected traditional British furniture store.

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