Large Hairbrush

Large Hairbrush

Elegantly hand-painted hairbrush with nylon bristles for easy detangling. Personalizable with a child's initial, combining artistry with practicality.

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this hand-painted hairbrush offers a delightful fusion of form and function. Loved by both children and parents, its blend of nylon bristles gently glides through hair, making detangling a breeze. Each brush is a unique work of art, diligently hand-painted by skilled artists. Adding a personal touch, it can feature the child's initial, making it an exclusive and intimate accessory.

  • Finely crafted with a blend of nylon bristles
  • Unique, hand-painted designs by skilled artisans
  • Personalization option available with the child's initial


L 22 cm x W 7 cm x H 5 cm


5 - 12 years

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