Dragons HB16 Helicopter Bed

Dragons HB16 Helicopter Bed

Experience the thrill of adventure with this handcrafted helicopter bed, perfect for inspiring creativity and luxury in any child's bedroom.

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Let your child soar into the world of dreams with this masterfully handcrafted helicopter bed, designed for the imaginative and luxurious child's bedroom. With an attention to detail that captures the spirit of adventure, this bed is a unique addition to our collection that marries fun with sophistication.

Designed to accommodate a small double mattress, this bed is not only a cozy nook for sleep but also an exciting play space. The interior is sumptuously upholstered, providing comfort and luxury, while the exterior boasts stylish LED lighting to enhance the experience. The personalisation options, from initials to flags, allow for a bespoke touch that makes each bed uniquely yours. Optional features such as the ladder and top deck bring added dimension to our innovative fibreglass creations.

Embrace the joys of childhood with a bed that is not just a piece of furniture, but a launching pad for dreams, designed to the highest standards of quality and artistic expression.

Key features:

  • Personalised dashboard with joystick and instrumental features
  • Customizable with initials, flags, and more
  • Optional ladder and top deck for added dynamics
  • High-quality fibreglass construction
  • Interior upholstered for comfort
  • Exterior LED lighting for ambiance


  • High-density foam and resin mold
  • High-gloss painted fibreglass finish
  • Upholstered interior