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Playful Elephants Decor for Nursery

Choosing the most adequate theme for a nursery room

Nursery rooms are a very important place for newborns to spend their very first months of life with their parents. Obviously, nurseries must be functional rooms as well as look enticing and welcoming. In our long history, we have been working with many designs have realized that one of our most popular ones are the baby elephant nursery ideas. This lovely design is cherished by kids and parents alike, and it’s one of the best choices you can make when decorating a room.

All kids love to have cute baby elephants and giraffes in their room

Kids can go to a safari without ever leaving their rooms. You only need to add elephant and giraffe nursery decoration to their room! Your child will feel protected, amazed and entertained. Besides the bedroom, this theme can also be featured on accessories and other items in the room, such as:

  • toy boxes;
  • hairbrushes;
  • pencil boxes;
  • lamps;
  • and any other piece of furniture you like!

These gender neutral elephant nursery themes are something highly appreciated by parents and they are equally loved by boys and girls. For this reason, if you’re looking for a cute design, the playful elephants artwork will make any room or accessory look gorgeous. These baby animals are a fantastic option and the theme is also available for the multitude of furniture sets that we offer. They will create a friendly and playful atmosphere to any child’s delight.

Everyone can enjoy Dragons' playful elephants hand paintings

Dragons of Walton Street is well recognized for the quality of its hand paintings. They are one of the essential things that we offer when customers want bespoke furniture featuring custom designs.

These hand paintings come in many forms and shapes. Of course we also offer hand painted elephant themed nursery decor. These cute animals will make all children very happy and feel protected. What’s more, having elephant and giraffe nursery designs in a room is something that definitely will stimulate their imagination. They will go on an imaginary safari that they will absolutely enjoy. This is something that they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

Discover the gallery with detailed paintings and all available products with Playful Elephants artwork. We also offer bespoke furniture and accessories with this artwork, just book a consultation with our managers.