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Store kid's toys in our luxury hand-painted toy boxes

Toys can come in many colors and shapes. They can be for a wide range of ages and serve different purposes. Most people don't care too much about how they are stored, or at least the place where they are located when kids are not using them. However, this doesn't have to be like this. The simple action of storing toys can be an excellent opportunity to get a piece of beautiful luxury furniture.

Dragons of Walton Street is a traditional English store. We specialize in nursery furniture, but not any furniture. In our place, we are determined to produce only things with the highest standards of quality that can last for a lifetime, and in the case of the toys that we produce, we also adhere to high standards of safety. Therefore, if someone is finding something of the highest possible quality, Dragons of Walton Street is definitely the place to visit.

One of the pieces of furniture that we are specialized on is toy boxes. No parent likes to have toys scattered everywhere around a playroom. At the same time, every parent wants their child's room to look as gorgeous as possible. There is a product that can perform both tasks simultaneously: our toy boxes. All parents can rest assured that their kids use to play will be stored appropriately and organized.

Sure, it is possible to easily create a children's storage trunk at home by basically making a cube out of wooden plates. However, it is guaranteed that it will not last the same time and will not look in the same way as a toy box created by the artists at Dragons of Walton Street. First of all, they use high-quality wood only. At the same time, they apply all their creativity into unique and beautiful designs that can be seen not only in the toy boxes, but in every single other piece of furniture that we produce from our place.

Our furniture for storing toys is convenient

Many other places that sell wooden furniture can make a mistake to focus only on the aesthetic part. Sure, creating something gorgeous is essential. However, sometimes other stores are sacrificing practical aspects.

By contrast, every toy box and another piece of hand-painted furniture created at Dragons of Walton Street has been designed with many key concepts, such as:

  • high-quality;
  • safety;
  • durability;
  • and of course, practicality!

People not only want a toy box that looks beautiful. They want it actually to serve as a kids toy box. For this reason, we apply decades, even centuries of experience and tradition to every single unit of the products that we will create. Our toy boxes have been storing the toys and the dreams and beautiful moments from children and their parents for a long time. We will continue to do that in the future. We want our customers to get nothing less than the absolute best. Our carpenters, artisans and craftspeople are highly experienced and talented. They also know that they are creating furniture that will pass from generation to generation, as it has been the case with lots of our products already.

For this reason, when purchasing a childrens toy chest from our store, customers are not buying a piece of wood. They are buying a beautiful creation made with dedication, passion, love and tradition. It will store not only the toys, but also the dreams of their children. Toys stimulate their imagination, and it is essential to keep them in a safe space. For this reason, don't hesitate in getting a children's toy chest from Dragons of Walton Street.

Safety is a cornerstone in all our toy boxes for kids

Furniture can be dangerous if misdesigned. This means that not only for practicality and appeal but also for safety reasons, people should get furniture from experts. This is especially the case when getting something that their kids will interact with frequently. Our toy boxes not only will keep the toys in place, they will also do so in a safe manner. Decades of happy and satisfied parents who have purchased our products are the best proof of the quality that is fundamental to every single one of our creations.

Toy boxes not only need to look beautiful and be practical. They also need to reassure their parents that their children will not be in danger when near them. At Dragons of Walton Street, we take safety very seriously. This concept applies to all our creations, even to those where safety doesn't seem to be an obvious aspect. All our storage boxes come with lid, which contributes even more to the safety that they can offer.

We want all children to have a beautiful childhood. We want that all of them can live their dreams, and go deep in their imagination. We are proud to say that our toy boxes have accompanied thousands of kids already, and will continue to do so in the future.

We have playful designs for every kid's playroom

As it was mentioned previously, all our creations feature designs from talented artists. They put playful and attractive designs to all our creations. This is especially the case with toy boxes. After all, our kids' toys deserve to be stored in a trunk or box that keeps them safe, and that is as beautiful as the toys and the dreams that children have.

To conclude, toy boxes should be seen as places where kids put not only their toys, but part of their imagination as well. Every single toy can be a world in itself, and when all these worlds are put together in a single kids bedroom toy storage box, a whole universe is created. Our gorgeous hand-painted toy boxes will help kids and their parents properly organise everything they play with. This means that kids will live this beautiful part of their lives with the toys that they use and love.

Not only that, because our toy boxes are designed to last for a lifetime. This means that the toys that today's kids put inside there, might be the same ones that their own kids will use many years in the future. And of course, they will be stored and organized in the same toy box.

Frequently asked questions about toy boxes

What can be put in a toy box?

As their name suggests, any toy can go inside a toy box, as long as they are of a size that can fit inside the box. Other things such as teddy bears or similar items may also be put inside a toy box, as long as more heavy toys are not damaging them.

What is the best size for a toy box?

There is no "best" size that is better than all the others. However, parents should consider a toy box that will not use a huge chunk of space in the bedroom where it's being put. Also, parents should ensure that the toy boxes they are getting can properly fit inside their children's toys.

How to prevent a toy box lid from slamming?

To avoid the lids from slamming, it is essential not to simply release them and leave them to close by themselves. Instead, parents should accompany their kids while they close the lid. This is vital to do, as a slamming toy box lid might crush the baby's fingers, leading to injury.

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