Favourite book characters in nursery design: Paddington Bear Bedroom & Nursery Artwork

Favourite book characters in nursery design: Paddington Bear Bedroom & Nursery Artwork

A fairy tale is a symbol of childhood. We all remember how our parents told us fairy tales filled with magic and miracles. Children love fairy tales for the magical immersion in the world of wonders and the unique atmosphere in which this fairy tale is told: mom, dad or grandmother puts the baby on the knees, hugs, talks about miracles. In this spiritual closeness atmosphere, when the child is surrounded by warmth and care, he feels safe, which is very important for him.

Paddington Bear outside Houses of Parliament - Dragons' artwork

Fairy tales are built on the confrontation between good and evil, wisdom and stupidity. They are a kind of textbook on how to act in a particular life situation: how a hero deals with difficulties and obstacles with whom or what overcome them. How do they act, what do their actions lead to? Fairy tales prepare the child for the fact that not everything and does not always turn out smoothly, but this is not a reason to give up, lose heart or refuse the fight.

Fairy tales show what is right and what is wrong in an engaging, captivating art form. The child learns to dream, fantasize and develop his imagination. Children love fairy tales because it is a world (parallel reality), in which a defenceless kid can turn into a fearless hero who can defeat all villains and save friends.

Best ways to personalize

Children's room should develop the child's imagination. Who, if not fairy-tale characters, can best support this idea? You need to have a creative approach to create a fabulous nursery interior. Why not give them a real one within their personal space if children piously believe in fairy tales? Eventually, this decision of decorating the room comes to the mind of every parent.

The children's room opens up huge scope for imagination. Here you can use unusual elements, bright colours, and create a separate fairy-tale world if you wish. The main thing to consider is the individual needs and characteristics of your child. You can embody their dreams in the design of the nursery or revive favourite characters. Then the room will become the most desired and special place.

The painted room is great for kids under five years old. Kids love animation, drawings, fairy tale characters, funny bears and bunnies. You can choose wallpaper with a ready-made pattern, or you can resort to decorative wall painting. Painted cabinets and pictures in niches look interesting. You can also be creative when choosing furniture. For example, a boy's crib may be in the shape of a toy car, and sleep immediately turns from punishment to joy.

Reviving child room with the best-loved hero

One of the beloved heroes of all children and even adults is the Paddington bear. This character is one of the most recognizable children's book heroes in the world. The bear was distinguished by naivety, politeness and unobtrusive curiosity. He felt the injustice keenly and wanted to rid his friends of it.

Paddington with umbrella and London Bus - Dragons' artwork

It is also important that Paddington, although small, is a real live bear and not a plush toy, like Winnie the Pooh. And everything that happens to him happens to a living being. This is not clearly striking, but very subtly attunes children to understand every moment's value and the dangers like subway escalators or high tide on the beach. There is no need to be afraid, but you need to be careful and know how to behave in a given situation.

What moral qualities a child will develop depend on parents and how they educate him, what impressions they will enrich. Currently, we are increasingly seeing examples of child cruelty, aggressiveness towards each other, towards loved ones. Influenced by moral cartoons, children have distorted ideas about such moral qualities as kindness, mercy, and justice. A fairy tale is an indispensable tool for the formation of a morally healthy personality of a child. It helps to understand the beauty of the world around him in a language he understands. Moral categories such as good or bad are necessary to form on your example and the help of fairy tales. Fairy tales help children see a lot; for example, that friendship helps to overcome evil. Therefore, the Paddington bear is the best example to base oneself upon.

Paddington Bear Bedroom by Dragons

Paddington Bear room set by Dragons'

Just imagine how great it would be to have a nursery formalized with Paddington Bear images all around the furniture. The personal room becomes a territory of freedom for children, where they can play, jump, sing, draw and at the same time not interfere with anyone. The Dragons of Walton Street shop can help you get the best items with the beloved hero:

If you plan to make the bedroom special but do not want to drown the room with drawings and toys, use separate elements with hand-painted images. Even a small room can become a favourite and cosy one if there is a favourite hero in it. Paddington bear nursery is the best variant to create a kind world around your child. You can order only high-quality furniture that is safe for your children at the Dragons of Walton Street shop.

Dragons of Walton Street revamp your favorite story

Paddington Bear is an adorable character that both the British and the rest of the world widely recognise. That’s why at Dragons of Walton Street, we thought it would be a great idea to offer Paddington Bear nursery decor. During these years, Paddington Bear has been a design that both parents and children have appreciated. Since its first appearance in a very famous book, it’s become an unmistakable character.

Making the story come true in your kids’ rooms

Every time that someone puts this beloved character into a room, it gains new life thanks to this tale. This character fits perfectly in a wide diversity of environments, including:

  • nursery rooms;
  • bedrooms;
  • and playrooms too!

Being in a Paddington Bear themed room will help children and parents to build a stronger bond with each other. That’s why we feature Paddington Bear themed nursery furniture in our offering. This theme can be applied to any other product that we currently offer. Clients generally can decide where they think a certain theme looks best and they can personalize it as well. Bespoke products and customized solutions are what makes our shop the ideal place to bring your ideas to.

Dragons’ Paddington Bear hand paintings have been an absolute success

If you’re unsure about what character you’d like to have hand painted and that will eventually go onto a furniture or a room, the Paddington Bear is an excellent choice. At Dragons of Walton Street, we treat this character with the respect that it deserves. For this reason, every illustrative pose displayed in a room or on a furniture set always stays true to the character’s features.

When you see our Paddington Bear nursery ideas you’ll be immediately able to tell that they came from our shop. The quality of our designs is something that is immediately apparent. This is true regardless of the design or the style of our furniture or paintings.

Summarizing, there are many reasons for choosing a hand painted rendition of the adorable Paddington Bear for your children’s furniture. Not only is it an instantly recognizable character loved by children and parents, it will also allow kids to go deeper into its magical world full of wonders and stimulate their imagination. This will give your child beautiful childhood memories that they will remember for the rest of their life.

Check out the detailed paintings in the gallery and all available products with Paddington Bear artwork below. You can always order custom furniture and accessories with these paintings by booking a consultation with our managers.

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  • Paddington Bear™, Paddington™ and PB™ are trademarks of
  • Paddington and Company Limited
  • From the Paddington Bear books by Michael Bond illustrated
  • by Peggy Fortnum
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