Baby Hairbrush

Baby Hairbrush

Elegant hand-painted baby hairbrush with natural boar bristles, perfect for gentle grooming on delicate scalps. Personalized with a single initial for a unique touch.

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Crafted with the tender care of a child's needs in mind, this exquisite baby hairbrush combines the classic charm of cherrywood with the gentle touch of natural boar bristles. Ideal for the delicate scalps of little ones, the brush provides a soothing grooming experience. Each piece offers the added touch of personalization — a single initial elegantly hand-painted on the handle, creating a unique and cherished keepsake for any child.

  • Material: Cherrywood
  • Bristles: Natural boar
  • Personalization: Hand-painted initial (one letter)


L 19 cm x W 4 cm x H 5 cm


0 - 2 years

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