The Dragons VC150 - Vintage Car Bed

The Dragons VC150 - Vintage Car Bed

Transform your child's sleep space into an adventure with a spy-themed car bed, detailed with chrome, leather touches, and working headlights.

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Invoke the excitement of espionage and adventure with this elegantly crafted car bed for children who dream of becoming secret agents. The design draws inspiration from the classic allure of vintage automobiles, perfect for young imaginative minds. Outfitted with impressive detailing, the bed features:

  • Fibreglass panelling and polished chrome embellishments
  • Unique car keys and customizable number plate
  • Tinted Perspex windows and functional working headlights
  • Authentic rubber tyres complementing the overall design
  • Luxurious red faux leather upholstery along the lining and headboard
  • Premium super soft bedding crafted from 100% cotton
  • Single pocket sprung mattress offering 1000 points of comfort

This exceptional bed not only provides a safe and comforting sleep environment but also enhances the aesthetic of any child's bedroom, making each night a journey into beautiful dreams and adventures. Tailor the experience with an array of personalization options to suit your child's preferences.

Materials & Options:

  • Fibreglass panelling
  • Chrome details
  • Perspex windows
  • Working headlights
  • Rubber tyres
  • Red faux leather upholstery
  • 100% cotton bedding
  • Pocket sprung mattress
  • Personalization options available