Round Table

Round Table

Charming kids' round table designed for various activities like meals and crafts with a durable, clear top to protect the hand-painted designs below.

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Nurture your child's artistic flair with this beautifully crafted round table, which serves as an enchanting centerpiece for a variety of activities—from dining to drawing. Exquisitely designed to cater to children from toddlerhood up to their 10th year, it provides the perfect stage for their creativity and daily endeavors.

Each table is a canvas, featuring bespoke hand-painted designs that transform everyday furniture into a magical storytelling piece. A clear 4mm perspex top ensures the enchanting artwork is preserved for years to come, offering durability alongside its stunning visual appeal.

Please note that this product does not include chairs.

  • Designed for children up to 10 years old
  • Ideal for meals, coloring, crafts, and activities
  • Customizable with hand-painted designs
  • Equipped with a protective 4mm perspex top
  • Chairs not included


L 80 cm x W 80 cm x H 54 cm


0 - 10 years

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