Princess Carriage Bed

Princess Carriage Bed

Enchanting hand-crafted bed designed for young girls, with a royal carriage theme, crown details, personalization options, and safe, non-toxic finishes.

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The Princess Carriage Bed is a dreamy centerpiece for any young girl's bedroom, casting a spell of enchantment and nobility. This beautifully crafted bed is designed to inspire fairy tale dreams, with a charming crown adorning the top, graceful steps for royal ascents, and a decorative crest, all contributing to a storybook atmosphere. Each bed can be personalized and hand-painted with designs that capture the imagination, ensuring every young girl feels like royalty in her own private realm. Our beds are testimony to a deep-rooted tradition of crafting luxurious children's furniture that not only serves its functional purpose but also transforms the aesthetics of a room into something magical.

  • Hand-crafted wooden structure
  • Non-toxic, child-safe paint
  • Custom design with decorative crown, steps, and crest
  • Personalization options available
  • Hand-painted artwork by skilled artists


L 230 cm x W 125 cm x H 186 cm

Our Story

Since its inception in 1979 on London’s Walton Street, Dragons has embodied British design and craftsmanship in children’s furniture. The brand quickly garnered acclaim from global elites, including Princess Diana, who commissioned pieces for the Royal Nursery. Today, Dragons continues to innovate with unique creations like bespoke beds shaped like helicopters and vintage cars, embracing the belief that the ultimate gateway to luxury is the power to dream. With expansions into prestigious locations from New York to Dubai, Dragons takes pride in crafting timeless pieces designed to be passed from one generation to the next. This dedication to creating lasting heirlooms is a cornerstone of our sustainability efforts.