What to Do When it is Cold and Rainy Outside

What to Do When it is Cold and Rainy Outside

A rainy autumn day can seem endless when you’re an energetic little boy or girl; forced to stay inside and create fun in a confined space. A gloomy, cloudy day can be equally as dreary for your children as it is for you and can of course lead to bad moods and tantrums. The best way to avoid this is to nurture imagination and mental strength within your children and of course, have some fail safe activities up your sleeve!

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Whether you are able to invite friends over or spending time as a family, there are much more useful and enjoyable things to do than endless sitting in front of the TV. Despite the cold and dampness outside the window, chuck on a raincoat and get outside to enjoy some fresh air and when the sun peeks through the clouds, look for a rainbow in the sky!

Fun Fall Home Activities

Activities can have an almost magical effect — they transfer a person to another playful world. It is very important for children, and even for adults, to be able to immerse themselves and let go of everyday life. Games can powerfully develop the imagination, bring new ideas and help to look at your surroundings in a new way. Here are some easy activities to do with your children:

  • Read books together. Children whose parents read aloud to them regularly will begin to understand sentence structures and story constructs better, encouraging them to begin reading from a young age. Reading also teaches children to listen and concentrate without fidgeting or playing. Family reading is a guaranteed way of establishing and encouraging communication between parents and children and a perfect way to keep them occupied during the rainy seasons.
  • The easiest activity for a rainy day is a board game. They are ideal home entertainment that don’t require any prior preparation. Often challenging, board games are a great tool for teaching children to follow rules and solve problems. It does not matter which game you choose, your kids will certainly learn something new during the fun of playing! Although many parents may think that kids nowadays are only interested in gadgets and TV, children really like the togetherness of playing with their friends, brother, sister or parents.
  • Everyone knows that fall is the best time to get your creative juices flowing. Autumn brings new colours and new natural materials that you can use for a wide variety of craft. Try leaf pressing with the autumn leaves or carving pumpkins ready for Halloween!

Playing in your own room

A child’s nursery or bedroom can remain in their memory for many years as their own little world, where they grow, develop, play, study and sleep. Therefore, it should be a safe, practical and comfortable space. Creating the best interior for children’s bedroom or playroom can be an enjoyable experience for parents and children alike as they make their creative dreams a reality.

Children love to make believe with their toys, letting their imagination run free! Our luxury dolls houses are full of furniture and dolls that allow children to create their own reality and fantasise about the family in their dolls house. Rocking horses are also one of the brightest symbols of childhood, with many rocking horses becoming not just a toy but also a friend to their little owners. Many children will even look after the horse’s mane and tail brushing them daily. These luxury kids toys will provide memories to last a lifetime.

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The right organisation of toys

The problem of storing toys is familiar to most parents, who are maddened by the constant mess in the children's room. This problem becomes especially acute as the child grows up and their toys start to spill out of the cupboards and drawers they have been put in!

There is no simple solution for this as children will always make a mess, however you can definitely help with an organisational system for their toys along with a yearly clear out! The organisational system should work for both parents and children providing structure for parents and teaching kids the importance of tidiness. Our hand-painted toy boxes are a great option for children who can not yet reach the shelves in their cupboards. They can be decorated in any artwork and provide enough space for all their dolls, puzzles and cars!

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