The Tale of Peter Rabbit in your child's room

Anna Makukhina May 06, 2021

"Once upon a time, there were four little Rabbits, and their names were – Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter."

This is where it all started - a kids fairytale with four little rabbits who have become so popular in the British culture and that so many of us have grown fond of in our childhood years. Who would have thought that mischievous bunny that goes by the name of Peter Rabbit would later become an iconic character and star on a variety of food, clothing and furniture products? 

And yet, here he is! Treading his way through renowned books and adventurous stories, the character of Peter Rabbit has inspired the dreams of children around the world since 1902.

Off to countless adventures, Peter Rabbit sparks values of bravery, family, a need for travelling, exploring, discovering, and encourages children to stay mindful, curious and enthusiastic about learning. Children spend their first years of life discovering the world in its basic things and go through a life journey that slowly forms their character personality, just like Peter Rabbit does. 

We've always been so passionate about Beatrix Potter stories that we decided to add Peter Rabbit to our original artwork collection and many of the illustrated scenes from the books.

At the present day, we are among the few businesses to hold a full copyright license for employing the character of Peter Rabbit and have been hand-painting his enterprises on our entire collection, from Peter Rabbit nursery sets to Peter Rabbit gift sets. 

The Peter Rabbit classic design has been into the home and heart of so many children from the last century so far, and we ensure it remains this way for future generations. 

The beautiful world of Beatrix Potter paintings

With so many Beatrix Potter books to choose from, your child's room becomes a tale itself. By having art on the wall, your child gets to learn and be educated. Beyond offering luxury furniture made with premium materials, we wish to empower your childhood dreams by building a joyful environment that features your child's character and their uniqueness and where they can grow healthily and peacefully. 

Our pieces continue to be predominantly built by British master carpenters and are lovingly hand-painted at our Studio in West Sussex. Iconic in all their applications, Beatrix Potter's characters are hand-drawn and painted with the utmost care by our skilled artists who give the furniture a storytelling element for an exclusive result.

The Beatrix Potter theme remains an integral part of Dragons' offering through the many designs and projects that our artists have had the pleasure to create in many kids rooms on both furniture pieces and accessories.

Dragons' unique Peter Rabbit furniture collection

When you come to Dragons, you'll see classic Beatrix Potter painted on our most iconic pieces. We continue to delight our clients and create serene and cosy rooms for their children, from a newborn's nursery to a child's bedroom.

Our Beatrix Potter designs star on our entire offering! From smaller items to larger pieces, the character of Peter Rabbit is creatively drawn to fit any type of furniture adequately. Our wide collection of cot beds, chest of drawers, dressers, play tables, and much more, will give your child's room a whole new look.

Pick your favourite furniture collection and customise your design just the way you like it!

Lovely accessories with Peter Rabbit paintings

Our wide selection of Peter Rabbit bedroom accessories is what you need to complete your child's room. From mirrors and coat stands to hairbrushes, pencil and tissue boxes, select the items you most like to add more artistic bits to bring an uplifting mood into their haven.

Let our interior designers talk you through how we can bring new life to this much-loved British classic. We are always happy to assist and advise you on the best practical solutions that fit your design taste and your child's, flawlessly.

Click here to put your enquiry through to our team for your free our consultation.

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