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We help you create a space that will inspire your child to achieve their dreams.

Dragons have made more than 10,000 children and parents happy, all over the world

Dragons Of Walton Street is the leading interior design brand specializing in creating leisure, luxury and remarkable designs for your little ones, Based in London and working internationally, our mission is to build an atmosphere that encourages creative and ingenious thinking.

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Let us paint your lifetime memories!

Your Child's Imagination Comes Alive

A life without imagination is a dull life, we all remember the days we used to jump on our beds trying to reach the sky, or creating adventures with our toys and solving mysteries. Every parent wants their child to imagine the impossible, that everything is achievable, that every desire can become a reality. Our mission is to make the imaginary within reach.

  • Design

    We’re the UK's most trusted name in children’s bedroom design. Our designers will help you create a space that’ll inspire your child to achieve their wildest dreams in the most artistic way.

  • Functionality

    Our designers have created these beds with your children in mind so that they not only look amazing but also provide a functional, comfortable space for your child.

  • Safety

    When we build your little boy’s bed or your daughter’s dollhouse we make sure that every little nook and cranny is accounted for, that’s why we take every precaution to ensure the safety of your children.

  • Dreams

    Dragons specialise in making your child's dreams come true and our team puts a lot of love and care into each and every bed they make. You can be sure that your child will remember their Dragons bed for years to come!

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