Nursery interior design

Nursery interior design

Every parent wants their child to imagine the impossible, that everything is achievable, that every desire can become a reality. Our mission is to make the imaginary within reach. Based in Chelsea, London, Dragons of Walton Street have created countless projects worldwide and made thousands of children and parents happy by combining functionality, safety, and creativity. Our work has in fact gained international acclaim, making Dragons the leading interior design brand for luxury children's interiors and bespoke design. From nursery interior design to children's bedroom solutions, we'll help you create a space that inspires their wildest dreams and creativity whilst remaining comfortable and functional to their needs and yours as a parent.

Bringing safety into children’s bedroom interior design

luxury children's interiors

When designing an environment for your child, especially nurseries, and working out the room's features, always keep in mind the safety element before moving any further with your project. Your child's room is where most of the action happens for the first years of their life. And considering that newborns are extremely delicate, you may need assistance in understanding how to map out their room and where to best place their nursery essentials. Every movement, whether yours or theirs, must be smooth and give you easy access to their products, nappies, ointments, etc. This means avoiding in luxury nursery interior design any obstacles or anything that may cause impediments or, worse, hurt the baby. Create a peaceful setting for your baby and ensure they grow in a serene and safe environment from the very start of their life.

Luxury children's interior design for bedrooms

children’s bedroom interior design

Among our many projects, we pride ourselves on having designed original, magical rooms that have gained appreciation and love from both parents and children. Standing out for an expert blend of bespoke furniture, room scheme and premium accessories, we're glad to mention James' Room that features our elegant vintage car bed, Zack's Room in Dubai with our breathtaking helicopter bed and Piers' playroom with its beautiful mix of light blue shades and hand-painted items. Take a look at our website, our luxury children's interior design, room sets and themed beds, and don't miss out on the opportunity to fully personalise your child's room and let us help you find a unique solution for a child as special as yours.

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