Jeep Car Bed

New edition: The Jeep Car Bed

Calling out to all explorers, adventurers, mini Indiana Jones in the making, let us present you with the new addition to our collection: the Jeep Car Bed (JB23).

Have you ever dreamed of going on the most adventuresome experience and being able to take it home with you? The Jeep Car bed allows you to immerse yourself in a picturesque drive through the wonders of the Savannah, with the mighty animals, wild nature and breathtaking landscapes.

Imagine capturing that epic venture all in one piece for both sleeping and playing. Entirely designed to provide your child with the most extraordinary experience, tedious bedtime transforms into their most favourite part of the day.


Complete with working headlights, upholstered backboard and personalised number plate, this dream bed is available in the colour of your choice and Dragons artwork. Many exciting options include:

  • Steering wheel and deck
  • 2 USB ports
  • Magnetic glove box
  • Keys and remote control
  • Running lights
  • Small double mattress, single duvet cover and 2 pillowcases
  • Hub cap and tyre skins moulded from authentic tyres

Choose your add-ons

Pictured here in a camouflage pattern, there's more you can customise to your child's liking:

  • Add a built-in toy box for some extra storage space
  • Choose your bespoke colour
  • Why not have the animals of the safari painted as well?

The Jeep Car Bed is sturdy enough as a climbing frame because of the side step, roof rack, front and back bumpers, plus open doors and windows. So your little monkey can stretch their imagination whilst keeping safe and sound.

At Dragons, we're happiest when parents see what such a fantastic piece of furniture can bring to their child's bedroom. It isn't just about that moment they receive, or the first night they sleep in something extraordinary. It's mostly about the childhood they'll reflect on, turning their bedroom into an incredible haven they can call their own.

View the full specification here and enquire through our website!

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