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Vintage Safari Themed Nursery Decor

Vintage Safari is a perfect illustration of what Dragons does best, taking a dream and a pot of paint and see the two come alive. Originally known as Savannah Safari, our artists and designers worked together to bring new life to one of our original artworks. Vintage Safari creates a hand-painted bridge between the bedroom and the outback brush. Encouraging you and your children to dream bigger and bolder, and with lions for companions and monkeys for friends, there won't be a dull dream in sight!

This timeless artwork takes us back in time, when our eyes were filled with awe at the sight of the king of the jungle. When our favourite books danced on our minds and the pages came alive. The Dragons dream is to see yours fulfilled, and that's why we tried so hard to make this design as special as it is.

Having animal themes in a kids room will stimulate their imagination

Mother Nature is one of the most important sources of inspiration and ideas that anybody can use to create beautiful creations. This is especially the case when designing a room for a kid. Therefore, it is essential to make it as cosy and welcoming as possible. This is why employing gender neutral safari nursery can be a great option.

Choosing a theme of this kind can bring a lot of advantages. In general, it is a theme that both boys and girls love. This makes wild animals a versatile solution when designing a nursery room for a child of any gender.

Taking the wildness of the African prairies to kids rooms

Africa is probably one of the places around the world with the most beautiful natural landscapes. They are filled with colour, animals, trees and plants. Putting a nursery safari theme in the room of a child will make it come alive. It will allow the kid to stimulate their imagination while picturing themselves alongside wild animals. At Dragons of Walton Street, we offer bespoke solutions featuring different animals. For example, clients can choose to have in their designs:

  • zebras;
  • giraffes;
  • lions;
  • leopards;
  • and countless other animals!

We know that, in general, people can like certain animals over other ones. For this reason, we offer our clients the chance to personalize their room or furniture set according to what they need. In other words, they can choose which animal they want to see in their African safari themed nursery, how many of them, along with countless other options for their paintings. ThThat'shy working with Dragons of Walton Street is a great idea, especially when searching for custom solutions. Our hand-painted designs will delight everybody.

Explore the Dragons' 'vintage Safari theme and allow your kid to enjoy nature

At Dragons of Walton Street, we offer various themes and styles for designing different rooms. Our safari decor for nursery themes is among the most popular. After all, people of all ages love animals. This means that the way the room looks will be loved not only by the kids, but also by their parents.

That's why we want our clients to take their kids to imaginary safaris. These harmless means of entertainment will stimulate the imagination of the kid and make their dream. These dreams will be vivid, full of colours, and look even better when surrounded by furniture items featuring this kind of theme.