Collection: Retro Toy Cars & More

Retro transport

Children’s toys are necessary but can make a home feel cluttered and messy. However, if you invest in timeless pieces that can also double for playtime, you become the winner. Retro transport toys look beautiful on every shelf while simultaneously being a delight to all ages. Wouldn’t you rather have toys that you can display among your shelves as décor instead of clashing items that have to be stored hidden away?

Retro Toy Cars: Features

There are many different types of collectable toy cars. They come in all types of material and models. The favourite one has always been the chic style of wooden cars that provide a certain aesthetic for every home. There are metal and plastic options as well. You can find different models of these cars such as Ford and Cadillac. These vintage toy cars are suitable for a child aged three and up.

Tips and Tricks2>

Playing with these transport cars is quite self-explanatory, and kids tend to adapt pretty easily. Retro toy cars have an easy cleaning process as well. All you need to do is follow the below steps to sanitize the retro toy thoroughly:

  1. Wipe the toy down with a damp towel;
  2. Dilute some dishwashing liquid to create a soapy water bath;
  3. Soak the toy in the water bath and scrub gently;
  4. Towel-dry or air-dry thoroughly.


Having unique toys in your home is essential to stimulating a child’s play. Unique toys do not have to be complex. In fact, it is much easier to stick to the simple classics such as retro toy cars. Your children will love them, and so will you!