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Terry's Soldiers Nursery Artwork

How to have a very stylish kids room design

Grenadier soldiers are one of the most iconic British characters you’ll ever find anywhere in the world. For those who might not know, they protect royals and other important people from the country. Their elegant uniforms and hats have caught the attention of people from all over the world. That’s why at Dragons of Walton Street we give our clients the opportunity to add a British style to their rooms and furniture by adding Terry’s Soldiers design featuring these characters. These are some very cool nursery themes that will make any room acquire a whole new feel.

British Grenadier soldiers on guard in your bedroom

These soldiers from the British Army can be instantly recognized by practically anyone in the world. This had led to a great deal of admiration, and to a high degree of interest shown by the people towards the Grenadier Guard. It’s not a case this is among the most sought after artworks in our catalogue. This means that it is a great option for those looking for modern baby room ideas. There are many different pieces of nursery furniture and accessories that can be purchased from our shops featuring these characters, such as:

  • chairs;
  • bookcases;
  • waste bins;
  • and even paintings!

The artists that collaborate with our store have unlimited talent and creativity. They also know how to work with personalised requests. For them, it is possible to apply this design in a hand painted way to basically any kind of furniture. If someone would like to get a bespoke design featuring these characters on any accessory or furniture, they only need to contact us.

Children will love having Dragons’ Terry’s Soldiers theme in their rooms

Terry’s Soldiers can be a great idea when thinking about decorating a child’s room. This theme has been highly appreciated by adults and kids alike. It will help kids to imagine a magical world where they interact with these fabulous characters.

For this reason, if someone is thinking about a furniture set, accessories, or decorating a room, Terry’s Soldiers are a great idea. It is even better if the design in question is applied by Dragons of Walton Street. We have decades of experience working with this and many other styles and designs. Also, we’re eager to help our clients create their custom designs and artworks.

Explore the detailed paintings in the gallery and the products with Terry's Soldiers artwork below. You can book a consultation with our managers if you want custom furniture or accessory.