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Designing a modern playroom

Furniture for a designer playroom should not only be comfortable and safe but must also withstand the «onslaught» of children's games and adapt with the needs of the child. Dragons produce high quality hand painted children's furniture and take into account the influence of colour on the child's psyche when designing the artwork. Experts believe that it is better to use furniture in pastel colors: beige, cream, light green, blue as these colours not only have a calming effect but also make the room brighter. In addition, this is very important for the child's vision.

Modern children's furniture is distinguished not only by the originality of solutions (both constructive and design), but also by high quality materials and safety indicators. All furniture parts are connected to each other firmly (unexpected breakdowns are excluded) and include streamlined forms and strong structures.

Popular Designs and Ideas for Playroom

The exclusive furniture at Dragons of Walton Street is handcrafted and hand painted by professional designers and artists. When designing and producing such furniture, the child's age and lifestyle are important to take into account. Dragons’ designers work closely with their clients to produce innovative and awe-inspiring furniture for their child’s room. For example, a furniture set for a children's room, where the bed resembles a helicopter or racing car.

To inject a sense of personality to their luxury furniture, Dragons use unique hand-painted designs and personalisation. The artwork can be marching soldiers, fairy-tale heroes, toys or a floral ornament, anything is possible! They will even design an artwork unique to you. All furniture models are painted and covered with a special compound that protects the furniture from scratches and damage. This will be truly exclusive furniture — a unique design, just for your child.

This hand-painting technique allows your children’s furniture to match all elements of their room; from a fabulous motif on your curtains to the decoration of storage and shelves.

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