What Colour Should I Paint My Baby's Room?

What Colour Should I Paint My Baby's Room?


What Colour Should I Paint My Baby's Room?

Decorating your nursery - even if the gender is a surprise!


If you are currently pondering the concept of painting your baby’s room without knowing the gender of your imminent arrival, then fear not as this is the topic of our latest feature here at Dragons of Walton Street. 

We have decades of experience when it comes to decorating nurseries and the conundrum of how to approach things when you have no idea about whether to expect a boy or a girl isn’t a new one for our team of interior design experts. 

So, read on to get some inspiration as you set about this fantastic project and find out how we can help to create the perfect environment for your child.


How To Create a Gender Neutral Nursery

When looking for neutral nursery ideas it’s all quite simple, right? Just avoid pink and blue and you’re all set. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite the case, as the results can often be lacklustre, and this is the most important room in the house for any first-time parents; and also one that can be critical to the development of your new arrival.

Colours are important but we believe the key to creating the perfect gender-neutral room lies in sublime luxury nursery furniture and the integration of some of the characters your baby will grow up to love, whether they are a girl or a boy.

Cot white bedroom

Duck and ducklings 

Paddington Bear & Beatrix Potter

These classics create the perfect unisex environment for your baby. We have a comprehensive selection of Beatrix Potter and Paddington designs that you can seamlessly incorporate to your children’s room with our complimentary range of accessories and furniture.
Our talented artists can paint your favourite characters to create truly personalised pieces for your new arrival.


back to the colours

Despite the theme, accessories and designs you opt for being more integral to the perfect gender-neutral nursery than your colours, there are some combinations that we have grown to love over the years and used with aplomb when creating some of our finest spaces.

Grosvenor Green and Chic Grey

Grey doesn’t have been, well, grey. When mixed with our Grosvenor green the results can be emphatic and definitely suitable for either sex when your baby arrives home. There are some really beautiful patterns you can opt for and the interiors team here at Dragons of Walton Street can help you get this just right.

Antique White and Soft Jute

These neutral, calming colours complement each other absolutely perfectly. The fresh palette can be used on any of the furniture and accessories we have here at Dragons and will go down a treat whether you welcome a boy or a girl to your home.

 Get in Touch With Dragons to Discuss Your Options

Finally, you may also wish to consider our natural nursery collection when designing your gender-neutral nursery. Sustainability is something very close to our hearts and as a result, we have a range of choices for anyone looking to create the perfect bedroom or nursery, with limited impact on the environment. 

If any of these colours, accessories, designs or concepts have been of interest then we would love to hear from you. We have been hand painting children’s furniture for over thirty years and have vast experience in helping parents like you devise living spaces that are simply perfect for your little ones. Take a look around the rest of our site for more inspiration or click here to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

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