Planning a perfect layout for a nursery room

How to plan the nursery layout for a newborn

Welcoming a new kid to the world is an incredible experience from every point of view. However, parenthood entails ensuring your child can grow in a healthy and relaxing environment.

With this in mind, planning a suitable nursery layout is the key. If you’re looking to get help setting up your child’s nursery, Dragons are the right people for you. With a century-long experience in helping parents raise their kids, we supply you with the best practices and solutions to build a unique nursery layout.

In this article, we’ll explain in details what parents should be aware of when designing their kids’ nursery.

Things to consider when setting up a nursery layout

When planning a nursery layout, you may want to fulfil the need for comfort and safety, allowing you and your child to build your first bond harmlessly. Taking good care of your child, as well as welcoming them in a well-crafted haven, is what they’ll never forget as they grow up.

The nursery layout should meet some important requirements, such as:

  • it must be ergonomic, for the utmost comfort;
  • it shouldn’t be too small, since you need enough space to set up pieces of furniture nicely;
  • it shouldn’t be too big either, just the right size! Although our nursery designs for small rooms will help parents save space in the children’s room!

This is why people have come to us for generations to get layout solutions, and they’ve always loved how we work. Not only will parents get to pick beautiful designs, but they will also get space saving nursery furniture, which can be great for children of all ages.

There are different things that parents can do to set up their perfect nursery layout. Besides the room’s design, parents may want to research items like beds, rocking chairs, drawers, and much more, that combined, fit the entire space just perfectly. We understand how hard it is for parents to go through this by themselves, and we’re glad to assist you in every phase of the project. We’ll be working together to create your ideal environment. You’ll get to pick the design that most suits yourself and your child.

What furniture should be considered essential for a nursery layout

When speaking about nursery layout ideas, some furniture pieces are mandatory for any type of room. Firstly, the bed. We provide high-quality products with exceptional designs that can fit all ages. No matter how old a kid is, our products will satisfy all the necessary safety and comfort criteria.

However, the bed is not limited to its structure. We also sell bed clothing in multiple inspiring designs, shapes and forms for you to choose from. Our talented artists and craftspeople manufacture the entire bed frame and develop new, inspiring ideas all the time. Thousands of happy and satisfied parents now know they’re not just buying a simple piece of furniture. They’re buying a life-long experience that they pass down from a generation to another.

Of course, beds are not the only main item of a nursery layout. Rocking chairs are also popular among our clients since they allow mums and children to create a strong, solid bond through a physical connection. This gentle motion helps the baby fall asleep more quickly and rest properly during the most beautiful stage of their lives.

How to save space with a nursery layout

Sometimes people have the misconception that a complete nursery layout is so bulky that it takes way too much space. This is very far from the truth. A well-designed nursery layout will be ergonomic and comfortable, and at the same time, will it allow parents to save space in the child’s room. And when you re-arrange an area smartly, even a small nursery layout will be more than comfortable for your child.

When choosing the cot bed for a small nursery room, consider beds with additional drawers to store things, such as our Sleigh Cot Bed.

The chest of drawers is best when furnished with a changing top.

A small cupboard can become a useful bedside table.

At Dragons of Walton Street, we have more than a century-long experience designing space-saving nursery layouts for all needs. When buying furniture from us, you’ll first consult with our sales representatives who will consider the available space in the room, and from there, they will develop the best solution for your specific case.

Once the layout is in place in the kid’s room, parents will only have to enjoy the result. Thanks to our experience, we make this process smooth and easy, and re-organise your space, getting the very best out of it. So if you’re making plans for your newborn’s room, Dragons of Walton Street are ready to take on a new project.

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