It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

ChristmasEven though we're still perfectly melded into November and its wonders, and the next holiday you may be celebrating will most likely be Thanksgiving (to honour our American cousins), is it still beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

Look around. If you meddle about around London and the shopping promenades, how many shops have already dug up their Christmas decoration boxes and planted a pine tree standing tall in their windows? We don't really know how many but have certainly done so! Glimmering, enticing lights may be switched on and embellishing Regent Street, but we can guarantee our beloved Walton Street can proudly compete.

Eager to make it up for last year's one that Covid stole in a perfect Grinch fashion, we feel this Christmas will be a special one jam-packed with gifts, food and love. And we're so excited to tell you about all the goodies you’ll want to have wrapped under your tree this year!

Gifts & Toys

We came prepared! A day doesn’t go by when we haven’t been on the search for new items to add to our collection and currently, our Gifts and Toys Emporium is pulsing with plenty of gift ideas waiting for you to discover. Need some help deciding? Worry not, we’re here to assist you!

For boys and girls of all ages, we offer multiple collections broken down as such:

Personalised Gifts

From bookends to pencil boxes, memory boxes and our famous Dragons Night Light, this is a whole range of gifts you can fully customise to your liking! Choose the trim colour that most suits your child’s nursery, bedroom or playroom and the artwork among our range: Vintage Safari, Vintage Transport, Beatrix Potter, Terry’s Soldiers and more!

Explore the full collection here.

Soft Toys

At this time of year a hug and a cuddle wouldn’t go amiss. Take your pick from our selection of dolls, forest and jungle animals of all squeezable sizes. They’ll sit perfectly in your child’s playroom but they can also gracefully adorn their shelves or even a cot bed.

Explore the full collection here.

Retro Transport

Passionate about wheels or anything that will make your child dream the distance? We can nurture their imagination with our choice of toy cars, hot air balloons and even airplanes! Whichever vehicle they’re most into, we’ve got them all on display.

Explore the full collection here.

But it doesn’t all end here, indulge in the endless options! Dive into our website and go wild because Santa can’t come empty-handed. So yes, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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