How to prepare for Christmas and Boxing Day

How to prepare for Christmas and Boxing Day

Christmas is a very special time for everyone. A time for fairy tales, family warmth, happiness and, of course, gifts. It is difficult to find a person who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts and equally, many people love to give them. It is the most fabulous holiday of the year and it is important that we preserve the miracle of Christmas, even as our children grow, by making it a time of joy and warmth. Fill the house with decorations and create traditions that can be carried from generation to generation whether that be making Christmas wreaths or putting ornaments on the tree.

Preparing Christmas gifts for children

Since parents become a very important part of Father Christmas’ delivery team, it is vital that they are prepared! Try to think things through in advance, beginning at the end of November, and ensure that you allow enough time for gifts that may take a little bit more work from santa’s elves! At Dragons we will welcome parents into the store and maintain a wish list for them with recommendations on lead time to avoid disappointment. Parents with access to the Internet can cope with this task even easier thanks to the «Dragons of Walton Street» website.

What is this holiday: main traditions

Christmas is one of the brightest, grandiose and anticipated Orthodox holidays, which is celebrated on December 25. This is a family holiday filled with traditions allowing everyone to find themselves in the world of a beautiful fairy tale! The streets are shimmering with sparkling garlands and music is pouring from everywhere, creating a magical holiday atmosphere.

Christmas carousel toy

Traditionally, the children will sit and earnestly write to Father Christmas, telling him everything on their Christmas wish list.These letters are then sent to Santa’s home in the North Pole where he is helped by his elves to deliver the gifts to children around the world. But remember, you must be good otherwise you will go on Santa’s naughty list and receive a sack of coal!

On Christmas Eve, after the festivities and celebration, children go to bed without forgetting to leave a stocking over the fireplace or by the tree, eagerly awaiting the visit of Santa. December 25, early in the morning, all the kids will rush to their Christmas socks or stockings in joyful anticipation, taking out their gifts from Father Christmas!

How to spend this magical time with your family

Christmas is a time when dreams can come true. The toy your child has waited months to receive is in their stocking, or their favourite game wrapped under the tree. Parents should write a letter to Father Christmas together with their children to find out exactly what they are dreaming of. These are usually not too hard to find, toys, board games, sports equipment, books and other small trinkets will light up their Christmas morning. Be sure to add a few chocolates or sweets to their stocking, the holidays are a time to allow kids to enjoy a few sweet treats!

Christmas is a bright, spiritual holiday which is traditionally celebrated with the family. Entertainment that unites relatives of all ages is always welcome, you could go for a walk with the whole family and have fun in the fresh air or perhaps play board games at home if the weather is bad! Do not forget to grab a thermos with hot tea — in between activities in the cold, a sip of the aromatic drink will be very useful. Also, small souvenirs can be prepared in advance as prizes for the most clever and resourceful children and adults.

How to pick the best luxury toys for children

Choosing good Christmas gifts for kids is not always easy. These days it is difficult to surprise a child with an ordinary toy, especially if they have big dreams! If you want to find the perfect gift to be remembered for a long time, you must devote a little more time than usual into choosing itt. A tip from Dragons is if you add a little bit of fantasy or a personal touch, then your present will be kept for many years to come.

Paddington bear toy

What is worth considering for Christmas or boxing day gifts ideas:

  • Consider the gender and age of the child. Boys and girls prefer different things, and what works for a toddler will not be appropriate for an older child.
  • Focus on the interests of the child. Maybe, he collects something or is fond of creativity — everyone loves gifts related to a hobby.
  • If the child does not have special hobbies, remember what kind of character he is. A calm kid can be occupied by construction or puzzles where as, an activity based gift can delight a fidgeter.

Personalised furniture, luxury kids toys and accessories are great gifts for young families and will be long-lasting and enjoyed for years to come. Luxury children’s furniture and personalised gifts are also made to be durable and high quality, meaning that a broken gift on boxing day won’t be likely!

What gifts your loved ones will receive for Christmas is up to you but remember just keep in mind that on this bright holiday you want to give your kids more magic than ever.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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