How to create an enchanting nursery for your baby girl

How to create an enchanting nursery for your baby girl

A miracle is about to happen, you are expecting a beautiful baby girl and need to prepare the nursery for her arrival. Of course, the baby needs a special space, it is so important for both the parents and their child to feel comfortable inside the house. When arranging a children's room for a newborn girl, consider how you might want to change it as she grows up. The needs and desires of children change and the room can be rearranged according to them.

There are dozens of ideas for creating a stylish and cosy interior for a newborn girl's nursery at «Dragons of Walton Street». Each project combines the safety requirements and ergonomics of a babies’ room with stylish trends and innovative design,making the room both functional for the mother and beautiful for the baby. In the process of work, it is important to find a balance between the comfort and functionality of the environment with absolute safety and beauty.

To achieve this, you must follow some rules:

  • Before starting the development of a project for a newborn girl, you need to properly prepare the room.
  • It is important that taking care of a newborn girl is simple and convenient. Therefore, all elements of the interior of a child's room should be selected taking into account functionality. You should not clutter up the room with unnecessary furniture that you can stumble upon: the optimal set is a crib, changing table and chest of drawers, a rack for storing small items and a comfortable nursing chair or sofa for the mother.
  • The lighting in the nursery for a newborn girl has its own characteristics. During the day, it should be quite light and bright while in the evening, it should be muted and calm. In the crib area, you will need a nightlight with diffused light so that the child can be clearly seen even from the door.

Also among the general recommendations is the use of quality, safe finishing materials and avoiding dense, heavy textiles in which dust quickly accumulates.

Writing Table with Flower Fairies Artwork

The main factors when choosing colours and style

The selection of colours for the children's room depends on the parents, who choose the style that they think will fit. However, parents should bear in mind that bright colours have an exciting effect on the child's psyche, it is better to decline bright tones of red or orange as the main colour and instead opt for calm tones as a base, using bright colours to indicate colour accents or highlight certain spaces in the room.

Parents usually find the choice of colour scheme for a newborn girl to be a relatively easy one. Timeless favourites include pastel colours of peach, beige, pale pink and lilac, mint or a pastel yellow. To prevent the room from looking «sterile», you can complement the design with bright accents or even combinations of pastel shades with darker tones.

A little girl's room will always benefit from a mixture of subtle shades of pink. : Whether these be against a neutral grey or beige base or with white and gold highlights, you can’t go wrong with a pink accent. The main thing is not to overdo it, fill the baby's room with pink details but do not make pink the dominant colour.

Delicate décor for your baby girl’s space

Many parents, while waiting for the baby, strive to decorate the nursery with hand crafted items. But accessories with needlework and knitted little things can make a room look old styled and cluttered. When decorating a nursery, do not overload it with crafts, including flags, balloons, posters that are popular among children, all these items draw dust which is very dangerous for the health of your baby.

Surrounding children with beautiful things from an early age, nurtures the ability to appreciate beauty, so the role of décor in a room for a newborn girl is very important. We find that our hand-painted furniture, personalised to each child, is a wonderful feature in any child’s room and due to the paints we use, is completely safe from toxins or harmful substances.

The furniture does not only serve as a place for your child to sleep and rest, but also helps towards her development, helping to bring up good taste, understanding of the beauty and value of unique things. Each item is a work of art by professional painters, artists apply painting by hand, giving individuality to each drawing. Your child will have the sweetest dreams on a bed that is decorated so lovingly.

Comfortable and cosy fairy-tale style

A unique feature for your luxury baby girl nursery is a beautiful mural painted by one of the Dragons artists. Their themes are very diverse: fairy-tale and cartoon characters can be depicted or magical scenery that will transport you to another world. These murals can be especially useful if you decide on a princess room for your little girl. In this design, pastel colours are appropriate, which means that your little princess will grow in a wholesome, light atmosphere. Thanks to this, your child's imagination develops and grows, enchanting their childhood with fantasy and fairytales. How is your imagination awakened when you look at fairy-tale heroes? Now imagine how they will enchant your children!

Phoebe's Flower Fairies Room

To enhance an elegant room and make the usual items special consider these nursery ideas for a girl:

  • A small cupboard can be made like a dollhouse.
  • A night light can look like a small house for your girl’s imaginary fairy friends.
  • A bed decorated with canopy, lovely pillows and hand painted drawings will be perfect for a fairy tale style room, where your daughter will sleep like a real princess.

The lessons of good taste learned in childhood can influence your entire future life. Picking out a harmonious colour palette and stylish furnishings for your little girl’s room will provide the best start in the life of a young lady.

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