How to create imaginative play activities for your children…

How to create imaginative play activities for your children…

Have you ever wondered that the iPhone and the iPad might be making our children forget to use their imagination?

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I had a couple of conversations with the team at Dragons to see what they remembered about their childhood playtime activities. My first conversation was with Lucinda, our Creative Director. One of her precious childhood memories was how her grandmother would prop her up to a Beatrix Potter painting to pick out different animals. ‘She’d ask, have the animals seen you?’ Lucinda laughed. She went on to tell me about how she used to place wooden characters or cuddly toys around the playroom for her son when he was little. They’d travel around the room picking up the toys along the way on the toy London Bus. ‘It’s such a great way to interact with your children and get them to use their imagination.’

London toy bus

Prima, our hardworking interior designer talked about the sleepovers she used to have. All her friends would bring a soft toy so that when it came to night-time story-telling everyone added a piece to the story, making sure they included their cuddly friend into it. How fun!


What’s amazing is, these are memories children cherish but also interaction is key in their development. Problem solving, being social and broadening their horizons is all a part of imaginative play and it’s just, so, incredibly, easy to help develop our children into a bright future!

Recently Dragons of Walton Street were asked to create a play environment for bereaved children in a beautiful park. It was a glorious day and the children loved the set-up as much as we did…

Imaginative Play Checklist

  • Hand-painted corgi mural with cutouts for children to take a selfie!
  • Exciting treasure map
  • What’s a treasure map without a hand-painted chest filled with hundreds of sweets!
  • Mushroom pod seats on tartan mats
  • Picnic goodies




Try it at home…

Give them some colourful card with pre-cut holes (big enough for their faces to pop through) and get them to paint the furry cheeks of a tiger or large pointy ears of a bunny. Once they’re finished with the art, they can glue a lolly pop stick on one end and hold it up for photo time.

Taking inspiration from our visit to The Garden Museum in Lambeth yesterday, your little ones can become fairies for the day by giving them plain butterfly wings. After all sorts of crafty supplies; crayons, beads, pom-poms and of course glitter…they'll be in their element.

Both activities are super for indoor play or outside in this Summer's wonderful sunshine!

Be inspired and set up an activity - go as big or as simple as you like so long as your children are tapping into their ever-growing imagination! Browse our wonderful range of gifts and toys.

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