How To Build Nursery Furniture Sets

How To Build Nursery Furniture Sets

Nursery furniture sets are a must-have for the nursery. They keep the baby safe, comfortable, and happy. A nursery furniture set is also an investment that will last for years. It is essential to buy quality sets that will last for a long time, so you don't have to worry about buying new ones every few months.

How do you build them? Is there perfect furniture set for your kid’s room?

What Is A Nursery Room, And Why Should You Build It?

A nursery is a room within a house or another dwelling designated for an infant or toddler. Nursery furniture includes a cradle or crib (or similar types of bed), a platform or table for changing diapers (also known as a changing table), a rocking chair, as well as various items that are necessary for the care of a baby (such as baby powder and medicine). 

A baby requires very little space until they are at least walking age. A nursery is generally known as the smallest bedroom in the house. It's used almost exclusively for sleeping until the baby can travel. A child's bedroom may remain theirs until they reach the teenage years, or they may move to another more oversized bedroom.  

Many people are not aware of the importance of a nursery room. Parents need to have a place to put their children down and relax.

The benefits of having a nursery room are numerous. They include providing your baby with a safe, secure, comforting, and stimulating environment. The more you know about what it takes to build one, the more you will be able to enjoy your new role as a parent.

Nursery rooms are also used for children who need extra care or supervision during the day, such as those with special needs or learning disabilities. Hence, nursery rooms are an essential addition to your own home.

Why You Should Design Your Nursery

There are many reasons why you should design your nursery. Nurseries are not only the most important rooms in a home but also require a lot of attention to detail. Everything has to be carefully planned out and thought through, from the furniture to the colours.

Nurseries are often designed by designers and not by the baby's parents. This might be because designers want to make sure that the nursery is exactly what their client wants, but it also could be because they don't know how to design a nursery.

While designers are great at creating beautiful spaces that make your nursery feel like a dream come true, they're not always great at understanding your needs. They'll come up with ideas that ultimately leave you disappointed because they don't fit your family's lifestyle or decor style.

What to Consider When Assembling the Perfect Set of Furniture for Your Baby's Room

This guide covers what to consider when assembling the perfect set of furniture for your baby's room. You first need to determine what type of furniture your child will use. There are a few different types of furniture, including:

  • Storage: These pieces store toys, books, and clothes. They are typically kept in closets or under beds.
  • Play: These pieces create a play area for your child. They can include tables and chairs and toys like cars or blocks that can be played with during meal times.
  • Seating: These pieces allow more than one person to sit on them at once, such as couches and chairs.
  • Furniture: This is any furniture designed to be used for sitting or sleeping, such as a bed and a dining room set.

When you consider that your baby will be spending most of their time in this room, it's important to make sure you have a good quality set of furniture that will grow with your child. The following are some considerations when assembling the perfect set of furniture for your baby's room:

  • What colour scheme do you want?
  • How much space do you have?
  • What materials are best suited for your home?
  • How long do you expect to keep the room?
  • Is there anything specific about your child needing attention regarding their bedroom furniture?

What Dragons Has In Store For You

Extra Large Changer and Chest of Drawers

Extra Large Changer and Chest of Drawers

This Extra Large Chest of Drawers contains the Extra Large Baby Changer, a proper changer unit that fits on top. A white piqué bumper roll around the inside of the changer, as well as one side of the reversible changing mat, is waterproof. Additionally, they are machine washable in case your little one has no warning!

Dolls House Bedside Table

Dolls House Bedside Table

The doll's house doubles as a bedside table as well as a beautiful doll's house.

Featuring four spacious rooms over two floors, hand-painted and decorated inside with furniture, wallpaper and carpets, this is perfect for children ages three and older who like to play house.

This doll's house starter is sure to please your children!

Dragons Nursery Set

Dragons Nursery Set

Our best-selling items from our collection of artworks of which are hand-painted. It includes the Dragons Cot Bed and the Dove Bedding Set! Mattresses for this set are available in two types, Twist Cotbed Natural Mattress and Geovital Cotbed Mattress.

Regency Nursery Set

Regency Nursery Set

New mummies have loved our Regency collection since its launch. French-style ornate furniture has an elegant and modern feel and can be paired with or without artwork.

With our new elegant and bespoke Falling Petals and Butterflies artwork handpainted by our top artists in Sussex, you can choose an Antique White to brush finish without artwork for a simply stunning look or a Soft Jute brush finish without artwork for a smooth yet luxurious feel.

The set includes the Regency Cot Bed, Regency Chest of Drawers and Changer, and the Dragons Half Bumper with Cot Quilt. 

Two types of mattresses for this bed are available: the Twist Cotbed Natural Mattress and the Geovital Cotbed Mattress.

Walton Nursery Set

Walton Nursery Set

Based on a Swedish/Scandinavian style, the Walton Collection has been reinterpreted for modern homes. Featuring carved wild roses above each foot and pearls that outline the contours of the furniture, these artistic details represent craftsmanship, sweetness, and refinement. 

The crib can be transformed into a sofa, a wardrobe and a dresser with a changing area. It is also possible to purchase individual pieces!


Furniture sets are essential in building your nursery rooms. When furnishing your nursery, it's important to buy furniture sets that match your preference, cater to your kid’s needs, and suit the style of your home. As parents transform their rooms into a safe, cosy environment for their little ones, sets that allow for beautification, usefulness, convenience and ease of use are vital!

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