5 Benefits of Buying Nursery Furniture Sets

5 Benefits of Buying Nursery Furniture Sets

Whilst it is not at all uncommon for parents-to-be to choose furniture separates for their little one’s nurseries, and to do so rather beautifully, nursery furniture sets are also a hugely popular choice for the parent who loves a scheme to feel harmonious, finished, and polished. Whatever kind of parent you are – whether the eclectic one requiring a single furniture piece, or the type who absolutely needs a matching furniture set, rest assured Dragons of Walton Street has an ideal solution for your dream nursery.

In fact, furniture sets are core to the company’s offering. Currently, Dragons offers three timeless nursery sets: Dragons Set, The Walton Set and the ever-popular Regency Set, and every element of these sets is also available separately as a stand-alone furniture option as well.


Why buy a nursery set?

There are several prime reasons parents will opt for a full nursery furniture set vs separates. These include:
  • 1) Fewer logistical challenges with reference to purchase and delivery
  • 2) Lowering of the carbon footprint
  • 3) Predictable costing
  • 4) Easier interior design planning process
  • 5) Seamless, harmonious décor scheme
  • 6) Re-sellability
  • The Logistics Logic

    Ever designed or re-decorated a room in your home and had to face the challenge of being present for the delivery or the unboxing of Every. Single. Item? If so, then I am sure you would appreciate any solution which reduces the number of deliveries you have to be on the look-out for and un-box! Buying a single nursery set for your little one which includes, say, a crib, a cabinet and changing tray as our popular Swedish-style Walton Nursery Set does, is a clever way to cut down on multiple deliveries for your new nursery. Equally useful is Dragons’ policy of removing all packaging when delivery is made, making delivery of sets to be a painless and fast process.

    Planet Power

    It goes without saying that becoming a parent makes one infinitely more aware of the ecological ramifications of our purchases and lifestyles. Having a single vehicle on the street making a delivery is gentler on the planet’s resources than multiple deliveries.

    Increasingly, Dragons’ families are demanding more planet-friendly solutions, a desire shared by Dragons which is well reflected in the way we produce and deliver our goods to the global and international marketplace. Our nursery sets give us a valuable opportunity to decrease our vehicular footprint. By opting for a sustainable nursery design this is a key step in engaging your baby with the idea of sustainability from day one. This report by the Walton Set with its crib (which converts to a sofa), cabinet, and changing tray is the perfect full solution kit for a new baby. As the set is being purchased in its entirety it is possible to calculate how much these key pieces will cost, including with delivery and any applicable tax. Nursery sets thus offer a sense of reassurance where pricing is concerned which many parents find to be a great advantage in designing their child’s nursery.

    Size Matters

    One other brilliant element of predictability which parents find handy when it comes to nursery sets is that knowing what dimensions all key pieces in the room will be makes for a much easier design process as furniture dimensions are key for space planning. When furniture is purchased for use in an international project, especially, predictability of dimensions can be especially instrumental in making sure that projects are well delivered. This interesting article in Better House Keeper dives into the perils of putting a nursery together, including miscalculating nursery furniture sizes.

    Harmony in Homogeny

    In décor, there is a lot to be said for consistency to achieve a highly polished and elevated interior scheme. One of the key reasons parents invest in nursery sets is for the peaceful balance that can be achieved when all the major furniture pieces are speaking the same design language. This creates a calm setting which is conducive to rest and relaxation. Here at Dragons we feel that neutral nursery sets are the perfect timeless backdrop for the beautiful hand-painted artwork that will add individuality to the nursery space.

    Earth Matters

    Parents are often delighted to discover that should they wish to part with their nursery set, that Dragons offers an Earth Matters secondhand market on the Dragons website where used pieces may be purchased. It is worth knowing that full sets are always in high demand and so, they are very re-sellable and can offer another little one the chance to experience a gracious Dragons of Walton Street nursery.

    Joy Archer is a trained journalist who defected from her job in the City to become an interior designer. Now, many fabulous projects later she combines her writing skills with her love of all things interiors and babies in her role as PR for Dragons of Walton Street. Joy’s favourite Dragons piece is the huge friendly brown lion which she pats every morning for good luck.

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