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We’re now giving our lovely customers
the opportunity to re-sell your Dragons
furniture pieces through our website.

As we continue our journey into expanding our business and working on new, innovative products, we're always committed to being environmentally friendly, respectful and mindful of nature, earth, by using only materials that would never damage our wonderful planet.

Being sustainable is at the core of what we do here at Dragons, and we're delighted to announce our new project, EARTH MATTERS.

If your children have grown up and you'd like to dispose of your beautiful furniture, we're now giving our lovely customers the opportunity to re-sell their Dragons pieces on our website. Go on to the form below, upload images, dimensions, description and price of your item/s and it'll be automatically published on our platform for other Dragons aficionados to buy.

Join us in making the world a better place - because it matters. Because you matter. Because earth - our earth - matters.

Whether you'd like to restore your furniture or have brand new artwork painted on it, we can fully revive your pieces with this new repainting service.
  • Repaint Service Image

    Repaint pre-loved

    Whether you'd like to restore your furniture or have brand new artwork painted on it, we can fully revamp your pieces with our new repainting service.

  • Sell Pre-loved Image

    Sell pre-loved

    Fill our form with your details, upload photos of the item(s) and descriptions and we’ll create a listing in a dedicated section.

  • Buy Pre-loved Image

    Buy pre-loved

    Find a Dragons piece you like and buy it at a friendlier price. You’ll be able to reach out to the seller directly and make arrangements for the delivery.

How does it work?
  • 1 step

    Send request

    To sell your furniture, we need to assess the conditions of the item and we’ll let you know if it’s eligible for resell.

  • 2 step

    Agree on

    We’ll be in touch to confirm you are happy with everything. If you give the go ahead, we’ll publish your items.

  • 3 step

    Earn money

    Now that your listing is live, let people view it and keep yourself ready for enquiries.

  • What we accept:

    Example of Items We Accept
    • Sturdy and stable furniture
    • Discontinued items
    • Full sets ie. nursery essentials
    • Slight discolouration
  • What we can’t accept:

    Example of Items We Don't Accept
    • Wooden pieces worn out to an extensive degree
    • Crashed items, such as a three-legged chair
    • Water damage stains
    • Major scratches
    • Deformed items
    • Holes in items
  • How you earn money:

    Earn Money Image

    As soon as the item is sold you can choose to: receive a promo code and pay no commission; or you provide us with credit card information and we’ll transfer you the money within 30 days, less our 10% commission.

  • A little recap:

    Reacp Image

    You’ll send us your product details and agree with us on terms and conditions, we create your listing and promote it. Once a client enquires about your item, we’ll connect you two together.

Sell pre-loved!
Sell pre-loved!

Growing children need to be out with the old and in with the new, so instead of storing their Dragons Cot Bed or Rush Seat Chair in the attic, post them to our website for a potential buyer.