A guide to the best Christmas 2021 gifts for kids

A guide to the best Christmas 2021 gifts for kids

This is not breaking news, definitely not a surprise, surely you knew it would happen sooner than later: Christmas is coming!

It feels like we haven't really celebrated this day in almost two years and the uncertainty of the 2021's happening had been looming over us for quite some time. Despite some restrictions being back in place, we're not going to miss the opportunity to gather in this fantastic holiday and do our worse to ransack every shop for Christmas presents.

But children come first as usual! And it's never easy to figure out what the best gift for them is, right? Some like cars, puzzles, dolls; others like to draw and need a new set of crayons, pencils, markers all the time. It mostly depends on their age range and what they're most into. So here’s a couple of Christmas gifts ideas for kids.

Are they passionate about football, cooking, aeroplanes or what? That's your starting point right there!

At each stage of their life, children always show an inclination to and interest in a specific sport, activity, game, they’re likely to pursue throughout their younger and sometimes even teenage years. Their childhood passions often tend to turn into something they’ll carry on doing for the rest of their life and there’s no surprise if they end up making a living out of it.

Be it becoming a rugby player, a Safari explorer to the likes of Indiana Jones, the fastest Formula 1 driver, a famous book writer or an actual astronaut, their way is open to millions of possibilities. That’s why they need to have all the possible opportunities to gain knowledge through playing, to cuddle that soft teddy that will make them develop a love for animals, hop on that fantastic ride-on carrier wanting to pedal the distance, messing up with crayons whilst cultivating a flair for art and we could go on and on. 

We have proof of that when children enter our showroom. The way they explore items, toys, even accessories, the way they draw happiness from them, how they inspect the designs, the illustrations, the artwork and get acquainted with our soft toys of all sizes! 

Christmas is that time of the year when everyone, parents, godparents and grandparents are in that giving mood and the children of our families take joy in unveiling surprises of the day. Joy sparkles on their faces, excitement pushes them from the inside and we at Dragons love being the number one destination for creating those Christmas morning moments. This year, unlike no other, our showroom has been charmed with goodies that are definite contenders for placing under the tree. We call it the toy emporium ready for you to walk away brimming with bags. 

So what are you going to get for your child this Christmas?

Christmas Advent Calendar

The multitude of gifts and how to make a choice

Give this Christmas a loving feel with personalised gifts your child will love from the beginning and treasure for the years to come. 

Here at Dragons of Walton Street, we're all about unique Christmas gifts for kids you can fully customise with your choice of artwork, trim colour and brush finish. But it doesn't stop there. Depending on the item you select, you can also personalise our pieces with your child's initial, full name and date of birth.

Among the best Christmas gifts for kids, our collections of personalised gifts and toys are more than just presents for children. These pieces will turn into true heirlooms and will stay in your family for generations while maintaining their initial charm and hand-craft beauty.

One of the reasons our clientele are so loyal to us is because they share our passion for storytelling. Characters devised in-house and those that come from classic tales is something parents love to surround their child with especially with them being hand-painted, skillfully by our talented artists. 

One brand we’ve been working with for years is Playforever. They do pretty awesome toy cars drawing inspiration from iconic vintage racing cars. The great thing about them is that they are hand-made in the UK. The best thing about them is they’re personalised by us. Our team of artists in Sussex paint either the initials or if we ask them really nicely, they’ll paint the full name! When you want a Playforever car super quick our artist in London can paint as fast as you can say vroooooom.

Best Christmas gift ideas and more

From the moment you step foot out of the door to going for a little browse and examining the gifts offering out there, you may be so overwhelmed by the number of shops and ideas, you won't even know what to start with or where to start from.

The thing about entering our showroom is that you get greeted with friendly faces who want to talk to you and understand the little person you’re buying for. Are they an equestrian in the making, do they dream about the jungle, is London their favourite city or have hot air balloons always caught their eye? 

We like to learn as much as we can from our clients since we know that gift buying connects so much to the heart. You may think of us as fairy godmothers but we are just doing our job in finding you the best Christmas gift for kids this year.  

Let us guide you through the wonders and awes of our Christmas collections that will make this Christmas 2021 a year to remember and let's explore our range of gifts and toys for your child.

Explore our collections for this Christmas season

Dragons of Walton Street never miss the chance to provide the best and most diverse array of items for your child, whether it's for Christmas or any other occasion, such as baby showers, christenings, birthdays and much more.

If you hover over our menu, you'll bump into a whole selection of items and accessories broken down into multiple categories that will inspire you with a jillion of gift ideas for Christmas. Don't hesitate to explore them all but in the meantime, let us help you dive into a few of them.

Christmas Gifts & Toys

We came prepared! A day doesn't go by when we haven't been on the search for new items to add to our collection and currently, our Gifts and Toys Emporium is pulsing with plenty of gift ideas waiting for you to discover. Need some help deciding? Worry not, we're here to assist you!

For boys and girls of all ages, we offer multiple collections of Christmas gifts for kids broken down as such:

Personalised Gifts. From bookends to pencil boxes, memory boxes and our famous Dragons Night Light, this is a whole range of gifts you can fully customise to your liking! Choose the trim colour that most suits your child's nursery, bedroom or playroom and the artwork among our range: Vintage Safari, Vintage Transport, Beatrix Potter, Terry's Soldiers and more!

Explore the full collection here.

Soft Toys. At this time of year, a hug and a cuddle wouldn't go amiss. Take your pick from our selection of dolls, forest and jungle animals of all squeezable sizes. They'll sit perfectly in your child's playroom but they can also gracefully adorn their shelves or even a cot bed.

Explore the full collection here.

Retro Transport. Passionate about wheels or anything that will make your child dream the distance? We can nurture their imagination with our choice of toy cars, hot air balloons and even aeroplanes! Whichever vehicle they're most into, we've got them all on display.

Explore the full collection here.

Children’s Skincare. A complete selection of skincare products for children that will help you soothe their bathtime. Find anything from bath time bubbles, relaxing lotions, bath gift sets, balms and more sets. 

Explore the full collection here.

Childrens with christmas gifts

What the children are going to love

Bring your family together and surprise your little ones with a charming, one-of-a-kind gift they'll cherish forever. 

You can Start Small and Dream Big with the below items.

My Feelings Alphabet. Teach them letters and simple words, and create bedtime stories from that very word. 

British Soldier Dressing Gown. To fit your toddler of two up to your little royal guard of six, they’ll wake up on Christmas morning feeling noble yet cosy.

Jules Verne Balloon. Travelling has never been this easy! Your child will only have to make the most of their imagination to see the whole world and more.

Rocking Horse. A decorative piece that’s going to look stunning in any room of your home, but before this is kept as an heirloom, the little equestrian in your house can take to the feels of wilderness and have a ride of adventure.

Once they've explored the woodlands and dreamt big, there's no other solution than diving into our Make it Personal selection. Among the many pieces that we can customise to your liking, find below a whole host of ideas.

Hairbrushes. Baby, Small or Large - pick yours! Top-quality birch is what these beautiful brushes are made from and you can have us hand paint it with your choice of artwork and your child's initial right on the handle for a fully personalised experience.

Dragons Night Light. One of our most sought after items, the night light serves its purpose during night-time feeds and looks cute next to the cot bed. Choose the roof colour in blue or pink and our brilliant artists will also paint your child's name.

Square Tissue Box. It's all about details, and the tissue box comes with the perfect surface to paint fantastic artwork on. So pretty and stylish you'll appreciate it every time you reach for a tissue!

Bespoke Name Picture. The bespoke name picture beautifully blends some of the best of Dragons' artwork and your child's name. A cute accessory that you can display proudly on the feature wall of their nursery, playroom or bedroom.

Still need more ideas and gender-specific items that match your expectations? Let's go have a look at our offering.

Christmas gifts for girls

Oh my, oh my. These are all lovely gifts for the little, fancy, stylish baby girls.

Les Parisiennes Mademoiselle Colette. Mademoiselle Colette from the collection of soft rag dolls by Moulin Roty is always whisking up powder pink marshmallows.

Les Filles Doll In A Bag. From the collection Les Filles (The Girls) by L'Oiseau Bateau, these soft artistic dolls come in a bag and bring along much vivacity, colour, and even a change of clothes.

Les Parisiennes Mademoiselle Eglantine. Mademoiselle Eglantine from the collection of soft rag dolls by Moulin Roty is the queen of pirouettes and woven headdresses.

Les Parisiennes Madame Constance. Madame Constance is the biggest of the whole collection of soft rag dolls by Moulin Roty, and she's a high society social butterfly.

Care to see more? All you have to do is click here.

Christmas gifts for boys

Start the engine with our range of toy cars for your racer child and pick the model they like the most. But we can get a closer look...

Bruno Toy Car. Born from a childhood fascination with tin cars and inspired by the beauty of classic cigar racers.

Speedy Le Mans. Shiny racing cars is a must in your child's toy box. Choose from a super blue or a power red!

Wooden Car Toy. Made from solid oak, this toy provides fantastic wood grain definition and product durability, with no loose parts to worry about!

Verve Velocita. Rubber tyres, streamlined shapes and vibrant, shiny colours make this one of the coolest cars ever made! It looks equally striking on the shelf or mantlepiece, too—a real collector's piece.

More gifts for boy here.

Don't keep waiting; come see more on our website!

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