When to Send a Baby Shower Invite-The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Baby Shower

When to Send a Baby Shower Invite-The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Baby Shower

Most baby showers take place six to eight weeks before the baby is due. It likely will occur during the 6th or 7th month of the mother-to-be's pregnancy. You should ask the mom-to-be or the parent when she might be able to attend her baby shower before sending out any invitations. You'll want to schedule the baby shower with the mom-to-be to avoid missed doctor's appointments.

It is advisable to send out your baby shower invitations about six weeks before the event. Your guests have plenty of time to prepare a gift and mark their calendars for your event. Think of it as a matter of respect and not just having the time allotted. It is respectful of their time not to give them an urgent date, like one week after receiving their invitation.

A Guide to Hosting a Baby Shower


Your choice of guests for the baby shower will depend on the affair you want: is it a female-only affair where the women are allowed to be raunchy and honest (mom talks on labour stories?), or is it more like a cocktail party with the guys? Ask the guest of honour to provide you with an invite list with names and contact information, assuming the party isn't a surprise baby shower. In case of late RSVPs, get the guests' email addresses so you can follow up on them. If there is a limit on the guest list because of space or budget, ask the mom to stay within that number. You might also want to remind your guests about some baby shower etiquette you want to observe.


A baby shower invitation should be sent six to four weeks before the event, which gives guests enough time to shop for a baby shower gift, get time off work, and arrange their schedules. In addition to the mom-to-be's name, the baby shower invitation should include the party date, time, and venue, RSVP information, as well as registration information. If you're not sending a printed invitation, use a digital service online. Make sure someone is responsible for contacting guests who do not have access to email. As a rule of thumb, never publish an digital invitation on social media. When you follow up with a proper invitation, you can send them an email or a Facebook private message. It is important that the baby shower invitation wording is clear.


The main event may be eating, drinking, and opening gifts, but games add character to the shower and make it more fun and meaningful. If you would like, you can ask guests to bring a piece of advice related to this shower - such as sharing their parenting experiences. You might also make a bucket list for your baby's first year with your guests in a fun way. Nowadays, gender-reveal surprises are all the rage, in which the expecting mother opens a box of coloured balloons, releasing the pink and blue balloons into the air. Additionally, guests can play games like baby bingo, where they fill out a card of bingo-looking squares with the gifts they think you will receive. Participants get to check the squares as the presents are opened. They win a baby shower game prize if they make their bingo first. You can also have everyone decorate plain white onesies with washable markers. That would be a thoughtful baby shower gift for the baby!


If your baby shower is in the afternoon, choose a light and flavorful menu. Savoury tarts, quiches, salads, soups and pasta dishes go over well, as do finger foods such as crudités and dip, bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms and deviled eggs. Because the expectant mother at the shower won't be drinking alcohol, make a mocktail that's as tasty as the real thing. Use fruity, light-coloured foods. If the baby name has been decided on, you can have it written on the cake!


A few popular spots are private homes, restaurants, church halls, and tearooms. Private homes are usually more affordable, which is an essential consideration since the hosts will pay for the baby shower. It is a general rule not to insist on having the party at the mom-to-be's place. Host the party elsewhere, and let the guest of honour be a guest.

Bonus: No theme yet? Here are some baby shower ideas!

The Adventurer

  • You can have a baby shower themed around travel for both boys and girls. Think about placing miniature globes and maps as table cloth or backdrops and stacking suitcases as decorations. You can't go wrong with a cake themed around travel, complete with a passport. Don't forget to give him some "on-board" snacks! This theme is perfect for a co-ed baby shower.

Ballerina Baby

This is an excellent idea for a girly mama-to-be who wants a ballerina-themed shower. It's best to start with plenty of tulles, crystals, and pink roses. Play a piece of soft and classical music to set the vibe, and consider serving exquisite-looking foods like strawberries, champagnes, or a charcuterie board. This theme screams elegance! If you're feeling a little extra, include a wax stamp on your baby shower invitation design!

Le Petit Prince

  • If they are expecting a baby boy, you could never go wrong with this timeless classic. This is a very simple white and blue theme with gold accents. Make sure to include stars and a crown! You might also add some elements inspired by the illustrations in the book, like the fox or a hat-shaped elephant swallowed by a snake!


Preparing for a baby shower requires much effort, time, and patience. But trust me, it's all worth it! Make your baby showers extra special because it's a once-in-a-lifetime event, and they can help to cheer up the mom-to-be. Besides, it's an honour to host someone else's baby shower, don't you think?

How was your baby shower planning experience? Share some tips in the comments below!


When to Send Out Baby Shower Invitations?

Send out your baby shower invites at least four weeks before the party. This is to allow your guests to free their schedules and shop for a gift!

When to Throw a Baby Shower?

You might want to throw a baby shower around four to six weeks before the mom’s due! The chances of miscarriage is pretty low at this point, so it is safer to do it around this time!

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