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When can babies have pillows?

Among the many baby-friendly furniture pieces where newborns can be accommodated, cribs should be the safest and most comfortable place for a baby to rest and enjoy their first years of life. It’s usually in their nursery room they can find peace and quiet and get a good night (and day) sleep, taking advantage of a space that’s tailored just to their basic needs and their parents’. A room where all the baby essentials are easily accessible is imperative for any nursery you’re looking to build, and the same goes for all the items your baby will be in contact with.

Much has been said about cots and cribs and how babies should find comfort without the aid of any extra items other than a quality mattress, blankets and duvets to accompany their sleep. On the other hand, others suggest using a pillow to help their head remain straight without tilting backwards with a risky, distressful movement - which turns out to be very dangerous for the baby’s posture and overall health. So when can babies have pillows and blankets?

The winning argument is that babies shouldn’t use pillows until their toddler age and preferably from the age of two and up.

Why are pillows not safe for babies?

Unlike other bedding accessories like bumpers, duvets, blankets, muslins, etc., pillows can cause more harm than good and increase the risk of death during infancy, mainly if used to prevent what is called “flat head” syndrome.

You should always refrain from following the tips of the many companies promoting pillows for young babies and newborns, as experts strongly recommend parents introduce their child to a pillow only when they are over two years old when the toddler’s mobility is a lot more advanced.

It is also said that any type of pillow, even nursing pillows, can be extremely dangerous when the baby rolls over onto their stomachs, causing their head to fall forward and thus increasing the chances of blocking their airways. Not only are infants advised against the employment of pillows, but even older kids from 1 year up could use it to step on and climb up the crib being at risk of falling out.

However the obvious risk of employing pillows, parents rightfully wonder how they can prevent flat heads, infant torticollis or any other issues in the neck muscles in their child and the best practices to deal with this.

How to prevent neck diseases while remaining safe

In the first months of their life, babies don’t have control over their neck muscles, meaning they may tilt their heads incorrectly and rest them in uncomfortable positions while sleeping. Cases like the one mentioned may cause asymmetry in the baby’s head, however they can easily be treated by making them constantly change the head side they sleep on, minimising the time they spend lying down and avoiding using pillows to stabilise their body.

These simple practices will immediately improve their head motion and stability and strengthen their neck muscles.

Mattresses and bedding

Beds and mattresses: Dragons recommend

Having assessed that you shouldn’t use pillows to enhance your infant’s sleep, they may still develop some flat areas, mainly when sleeping on their back. This is absolutely normal and shouldn’t worry any parents because it’ll resolve itself as soon as they begin to crawl and sit up, expanding their range of motion.

When your child enters their toddler years, you can then introduce safe pillows, preferring the small and firmer ones.

At Dragons, we have long-lasting expertise in baby’s comfort and how to provide the safest solutions for their health and well-being and we constantly explore new materials, designs and trends to ensure we can always supply our clients with all they need.

Our ongoing research in materials, fabric and textiles has brought us to new heights regarding beds, cot beds and cribs, blankets, duvets and pillows. We continually source hypoallergenic 100% cotton fabrics and sturdy textures that provide the best comfort and keep testing new ones to improve our products and offerings.

Cot beds and cribs

Directly from our collection of cot beds and cribs, here are some of our finest pieces.

Dragons Cot Bed. One of the most versatile pieces of furniture, this cot has an adjustable base which includes a high position for newborn babies and a low position for when they get to the toddler stage. Best of all, it turns into a bed and lasts up to the age of about 4 1/2 years.

More details here.

Sleigh Cot Bed.Whether it's sides on, one side on or both sides off - this bed can suit all occasions. It also has a practical drawer underneath that can be opened with your foot - perfect for when you're holding the baby. This ample drawer can store bedding and clothes, ensuring your child's nursery is clutter-free.

More details here.

Walton Crib. The newest in our collection! Made out of best quality solid birch coming from eco-managed forests in Northern Europe, the Walton Crib has two adjustable mattress positions and includes a conversion kit to transform into a small sofa.

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To provide your child with the utmost comfort, we suggest selecting one of the mattresses from our collection.

Geovital Cotbed Mattress. The Geovital is made using special non-toxic foam in which carbonated water is used to make all those little bubbles instead of chemical propellants. The mattress uses non-toxic (edible) glues with antistatic properties. A removable and washable cover is included and is made from TENCEL, which was found in testing to be great for people with asthma and people with skin issues.

More details here.

Twist Cotbed Natural Mattress. An award-winning cot mattress that offers the best support for your baby and child! Dual-sided, this 100% natural mattress is designed to provide your little one with the right support as they grow from baby to toddler and beyond. One side is firm, as recommended for babies up to 12 months. When your baby becomes a playful toddler, simply twist it over to the supple natural latex side that’s as comfy as it is durable.

More details here.

When can a toddler start using a pillow?

From the moment they’re born and throughout the first four years of life, children need extra care and attention at all times. Ensuring they get a healthy and safe sleep is how you best support their little bodies and help them grow robust and strong. 


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