Welcome to the House of Dragons!

A place where our lovely children can have their dreams brought to life. The prince who wants to sleep in a racing car bed or the little lady who wants to play with an exquisite dolls house…we have their dreams tucked away here and can’t wait to put that smile on their face. When we create children’s rooms, our in-house artists beautifully hand-paint new and timeless illustrations.

Hand painted gifts like our Rush Seated Chair Is something we’ve become famous for; an heirloom that’ll go through generations! Or friendly Oliver will paint a majestic mural in your interior designed nursery wherever you are in the world! We’re always welcoming new and loyal clients on small and big projects so step into our new home, 17 Elystan Street, Chelsea Green, London, SW3 3NT and let us show you our exciting creations! Contact us via the website!

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