Tips for a smooth night time routine

Tips for a smooth night time routine

Maybe for some of you, this has always been a tricky time of the day.

Sometimes getting your little one to sleep feels like an obstacle course. And you're covered in mud - lugging yourself to get to the finish line. It's in sight, yet so far away. Here are a few tips and tricks you may find helpful.

Create a signal for your children

Turn all primary lights off, letting them know the routine has begun. But keep a night light on. The almost-dark atmosphere preps them mentally and psychologically into sleep-mode. 
Personalised wooden nightlight with name

Bath time is brilliant

For the last of the day's energy that's left in them, they can splash about and play with a few toys. Still, a tranquil state will certainly ensue from all the warmth of the water and a few soothing lavender drops.
Warm water can nurse your baby into sleep


Pyjamas on, they're tucked in all snug, and their head is resting on the pillow. A short goodnight story is what they need next. Read to them at a whisper-level tone, and your routine is now complete.

Wooden house shaped bookends for kids room

Eyes are closed, you've just won your race, and you want to go to the award ceremony without any interruptions. 

A solid bedtime routine gets them falling asleep, but you also need to provide your child with quality bedding to keep them in a dream mode. Our dual-sided Twist Mattress can support your child's growth from baby to toddler in just one switch: firm on one side as recommended for babies up to 12 months; comfy supple latex on the other. 

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