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The Quintessential Newborn Bedding Guide

Ah, newborn bedding. Which expectant parent hasn’t trawled the internet in search of the Holy Grail of guidance on which sheet, which crib or which cot is not just safe, but will guarantee their baby some decent, refreshing (and quiet!) sleep? Throw in requirements that the newborn bedding set not clash horrifically with the beautifully appointed décor in the adult space and you can have yourself quite the conundrum. Fear not. This comprehensive guide will answer all of your burning newborn bedding queries and hopefully inspire a sense of confidence and joy in making this most precious of decisions for the well-being of your newborn.

Whether yours is a summer or winter baby or something in between you will find that keeping tabs on your baby’s temperature becomes something of a preoccupation. Permit your newborn to become either too hot or too cold in the night and they will let give voice to their complaints in no uncertain terms. It is no overstatement then, to say that paying special attention to your newborn’s bedtime garments is critical to the well-being of your entire household. More vital still is an appreciation of the role which over-heating plays in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Whilst experts site many factors in incidents of SIDS such as the infant’s sleeping position, maintaining an ideal temperature for your newborn by selecting the right sleeping pieces will surely help all rest easier.

Key Points For Choosing Newborn Bedding

  • A baby’s room is recommended to be between 16 to 20 degrees. Placing your hands on baby’s tummy will give a good sense of whether baby is too hot as will noting whether baby is sweating. If you notice this, remove a layer of bedding. Remember, baby’s feet and hands will usually be colder than your own and this is perfectly normal.
  • An easy way to assist baby’s temperature regulation is by layering lightweight blankets rather than using a single, thicker blanket. If you notice baby feels warm, simply remove a layer.
  • High quality natural materials such as the pure cotton and linen used in Dragons of Walton Street baby bedding collections are an ideal choice for keeping baby’s skin looked after. An added bonus for natural materials is the ease of care – all our baby bedding is machine washable. Do ensure to have a few pieces of bedding to hand for your newborn as it will need regular washing for hygiene purposes.

Bashful Bunny Blanket

This reversible 100% cotton blanket by Jellycat available through Dragons is a perfect lightweight blanket option for your newborn.

Considerations For Newborn Baby Boy Bedding

Themes and motifs on your new son’s bedding should not be overlooked. Cute themes which never go out of fashion for newborn baby boys are cars, guardsmen or baby animals. Neutral tones in natural materials ensure that the bedding is both restful and perfectly in harmony with any décor scheme.

Considerations For Newborn Baby Girl Bedding

Curating lovely bedding for your new daughter strikes an elegant note when you consider her linen to be heirloom pieces. Delicate, well-appointed embroidery featuring classic themes is always a winner – think birds, flowers and tiaras. Paying attention to detail – such as introducing scalloped edges on bedding – will elevate your newborn baby girl’s bedding to the realm of the extraordinary whilst ensuring that the bedding is timeless and refined.

The Ultimate Bedding for Newborn Quandary: Moses Basket vs Cot

Perhaps the most emotive of all questions surrounding where baby sleeps in its earliest days is whether a crib or Moses basket is best. There is no wrong or right answer here, indeed a well-established practice is to start baby out using a Moses basket and to transition the newborn to a cot at about three to four months old. Whatever you decide, there are a few points to consider when one weighing up the pros and the cons of either option:

  • Where and how your newborn sleeps is often dictated by the needs of your family; if you require the newborn’s bed to be portable in the earliest days, a Moses basket offers more flexibility than a heavier cot in that it is lightweight.
  • Health and safety considerations are paramount in choosing your cot and they should always conform to British safety regulations. If away from home and staying at a hotel etc where a bedhire service may have been used for sourcing the temporary cot, do check that the cot does comply with the necessary standards with reference to rail spacing; etc.
  • Quality, well-made cots represent a great investment as you can well expect at least three years of service from this piece before your fast growing newborn transitions to a junior bed.

Regency Cot

A perennial favourite is the Dragons Regency Cot Bed which will beautifully take your little one through from newborn to four years old.

The Newborn Bedding Guide To Mattresses

Nothing should be left to chance when choosing your newborn’s mattress, whether for a cot or a Moses basket. This choice is again governed by British regulations and you should always check to make sure that your newborn’s mattress conforms. The key is to ensure that your baby’s sleep – and ultimately growth and development – is ably supported by a quality mattress which fits tightly with no gaps.

A tip to consider is that high quality newborn mattresses, such as those available from Dragons of Walton Street, will feature non-toxic credentials alongside natural hypo-allogenic properties. Ensuring your chosen mattress has these features from the start might save having to replace an inappropriate mattress should your newborn require a higher specification of mattress than is standard.


Made to last, our Geovital mattresses for newborns boast an impressive technical specification which is unsurpassed including being made with edible glue.

Newborn Baby Guide to Best Blankies and Sheets

It can seem as though there is a dizzying array of bedding sheet options available for newborns. From woven cotton to cellular blankets to swaddling specific blankets the choices are vast, however, the underlying principle remains constant – bedding is key to assisting with baby’s immature body heat regulation. Natural materials in thin layers which may be removed at will provide the most flexible option. On the coldest of days, three blankets maximum should be sufficient, however, keep an eye on the overall temperature of baby’s bedroom and adjust accordingly.

Here at Dragon’s of Walton Street we would always suggest investing in quality pieces which stand the test of time. Tips for elevated sheets and blankets include:

  • Opting for intricately woven cotton motifs which keeps baby warm in winter and cool in the summer is both practical and beautiful
  • Monogramming baby’s name or initials in bedding and sheets adds a special touch
  • Lovely embroidery details is always a well-received and gracious highlight

Every baby and everybody is unique. Whilst it is indeed important to understand the guidelines related to a baby’s body heat never forget that a parent’s touch is a powerful thing and laying a hand on your baby’s tummy will often tell you exactly what you need to know about what your baby needs to be comfortable. Rest easy knowing that this skill and experience will come naturally with time and that Dragons of Walton Street are always at hand to answer any questions you may have about choosing newborn bedding.

Joy Archer is a trained journalist who defected from her job in the City to become an interior designer. Now, many fabulous projects later she combines her writing skills with her love of all things interiors and babies in her role as PR for Dragons of Walton Street. Joy’s favourite Dragons piece is the huge friendly brown lion which she pats every morning for good luck.

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